Emma Smithers is the earth loving, free-the-whales campaigning heart breaker. Breaking up with boys, returning their gifts, and giving the money to Green Group was her thing. Caden Matthews is the captain of the soccer team, alcohol partying, player. Getting the girl, hooking up with her, then dumping her was his thing. Of course it was all fun and games at the beginning, but they really had no reason to interact with each other until now.

A/N Just a fun story I'm going to try out, enjoy! :)

Prologue: Epitome of Heart Breaking


It was time to break it to Aaron.

It's not that I didn't feel sorry for the poor schmuck. He had no idea what was in store for him tonight. I promise it's not him, it's me and I just can't see myself in a long term relationship yet. But I do hope we can still be friends. Cue hurt expression.

This was going to be easy, I thought as I placed my bag on my lap. I was here before him! Definitely not a plus in my book. I drummed my fingers impatiently against the table cloth. A waiter came over with a notebook in his hand. He eyed the empty seat in front of me then gave me a sympathetic look.

"What will I be getting for you today, pretty lady?" he asked me. I tried my best not to roll my eyes.

"I'll be ready when my date shows up," I said, a bit bitterly.

"Of course," he said as he walked away.

Then finally, Aaron came, scrambling in, almost dropping the box he was carrying. He was always a clumsy oaf. I gave him my sweetest smile, "Hello, what's that for?" I asked, looking at the box. He quickly hid the box under his chair.

"What box?" he said, with a grin. "You look beautiful, as always."


You always have to know what to wear when ending a relationship. Nothing too sleazy that leads to break-up sex, but not too made up either. I decided to pull on a little black dress and wear minimal cosmetics. Lip gloss and mascara, perfect. I wanted to look elegant for Aaron, he seems like the kind who would take it well.

"I'm sorry I'm late, but I had to drop off my sister at her friend's house," he said. I kept my smile on, this was one of the reasons I've dated him for so much longer than any of the other guys I've seen. He was a complete sweetheart towards his family.

"It's okay, I have to go soon anyways, dinner will be quick," I said with a bright tone. He didn't look very happy.

"Hey babe, I'll make it up to you, alright? How about we-"

I cut him off, "Let's order okay?" I called the waiter over. "I'll have the house salad," I looked at Aaron. He ordered a steak of some sort- typical. Then again, he never respected my thoughts on animal cruelty.

"So what's up? We never have dinner on a school night," Aaron questioned. What an idiot.

"Perhaps I just wanted to see you?" I waited for his expression, it wasn't fazed. "-no, I actually wanted to talk to you about..us," I continued. Now his face faltered.

"Yes, what about us?" he scratched his neck. This is what he always did when he was nervous. Now I was mentally starting to hit myself, we've been dating for much too long.

"You see, my family has been a bit hectic lately-" (which totally wasn't true, I loved mommy and daddy with all my heart) "-and I need some time to spend with them, but there's been too much of school going on, and there's you of course," I started.

"What happened to your family?" he asked, trying to sound genuine, but failed. The waiter interrupted by coming back with two plates. A salad for me, and pure red meat for him. Immediately, Aaron started to dig in. How obscene.

"Just some personal stuff.." I trailed off. I waited for him to jump in a comfort me- but of course he didn't do such things. See? This is why I've never had a boyfriend, they were all egotistical jerks. "And it's our senior year," I finished.

Aaron frowned, "W-What are you trying to say?" this made him stop munching. Now I was getting impatient, they usually got the message through by now.

"What I'm saying is I think that we should break up," I said, a bit too loudly. This is when he dropped his fork.

"B-But..I- I love you, Emma!" he exclaimed like a blubbering idiot. Geez, I've never struck him for the cry-baby type. I wouldn't have been so harsh.

"Aaron, stop it, you're making a scene. I just need some space," I said. I could see the emotion on his face, slowly starting to get angry.

"Damn it, I knew I should've listened to Henry!" he muttered. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Oh? What exactly did Henry say?" I scowled. Henry was an old flame, and the rest was self-explanatory.

"He said you were a cold-hearted bitch," Aaron replied hesitantly. "I guess he was right," he added even more quietly.

"You know that's not the way to win a girl back, you moron!" I was getting kind of hysterical now. Not how I usually act, but tonight sucked anyway.

"I'm not trying to win you back! You wouldn't even have sex with me!" he cried out. Oh god, now people were staring. What a baby.

"You shallow bast-" he didn't let me finish. Aaron got up and slammed some money on the table. He took the box out from under the table and shoved it in my hands.

"Do whatever you want with it!" he gave me a receipt and stormed out. People were whispering around me as I slunk in my chair. The waiter came back to drop off the bill. There was a slip of paper caught between the book- his number. I sighed dramatically.

They usually didn't get the last word.


"Em! You're not really going to return those shoes are you? I mean, they're Jimmy Choo's!" Cassie wailed as I made my way to the store.

"Yes, I really am going to return them, it's for a good cause! The Green Group needs the money more than I need cute shoes on my feet. High heels are degrading for women anyway, a sick invention to make it hard to run when being raped," I rolled my eyes, clutching the box tightly.

"Aw, Em! I'll buy them off you!" Cassie finally said. I paused to think for a second, but I quickly stopped.

"Cass! No, for the last time! You have enough shoes to last you an eternity!" I said as I opened the boutique store door.

"Yeah, but not those shoes," Cassie grumbled as she followed me in.

"Hello! Today all ballet flats are on sale for twenty percent off," a woman greeted, flashing her pearly whites.

"Really?!" Cassie widened her eyes as she tackled the sale shelves. I headed straight for the desk.

"I'd like to return these," I said as I placed the box on the counter. The brunette bombshell in front of me cocked a perfectly plucked eyebrow as she took the box.

"And why is that?" she asked with an irritated voice. I instantly took a dislike in her.

"I changed my mind, that's all," I said calmly. She was still eying me suspiciously.

"Sign this," she slid a piece of paper and pen in front of me. I quickly scribbled my signature down and handed it back.

"Come on, Cass, I have to go," I urged her. Almost dragging her out of there. The greeter thanked me. The bustle of the streets turned up in volume.

"Hey! Ow! What was that for?" she rubbed her arm. We started to walk.

"We would've been there for hours if it wasn't for me!" I laughed. She agreed silently.

"So what happened last night? Did Aaron take it hard?" she started to ask. It was only a matter of time of course.

"Yeah he did, totally stormed the second I state the obvious. He even tried to pull the L word on me!" I told her.

Cassie shifted the tote bag on her shoulder, "What a guy! We all know that Emma doesn't love 'no one!" she started to sing. I slugged her arm lightly.

"Hey! That's so not true! I just haven't found the right one yet.." I exclaimed defensively.

"Whatever Em! You always do this, take all the hot guys in school, dump 'em for eating meat, then take the money and run and donate it to some charity fund!" Cassie laughed.

I was slightly offended. So maybe what she said was actually..really accurate, but it was for a good cause right? Animals are dying out there and all people cared about was getting laid! I was practically a saint!

"Shut up, Cass," I said.

"Still love you, slut!"





I wanted to throw my cell phone out the window. Couldn't they sense that I was in an intense battle right now with Captain Whatshisname? My phone continued to ring and vibrate against the table.

"I win!" Drew cried out beside me. I let out out a grunt of frustration and dived for my phone.

"Caden here," I spoke in the phone.

"Caden?" a squeaky voice well, squeaked. She sounded like she was whispering.

"Who is this?" I asked, eying the screen where Drew continuously kicked my figure while I was down. "Hey man, stop it!"

"What?" she said in that same elf-like whispering voice.

"Nothing. What's up?"

"It's Angelina," she said. I pressed my ear against the receiver.

Angelina, Angelina...right! Black silky hair, red dress, skinny waist.

"We hooked up at Lance's party," she added, but I already remembered who she was.

"Oh, hey babe, about that night..I'm pretty sure we made it clear that we would leave with no strings attached," I said, slightly distracted. Don't get me wrong, she was insanely sexy and playful, but I couldn't see myself settling down.

"I know," she started nervously. "I think I'm pregnant."

Oh, fuck no.

"What did you say? Sorry, I dropped the phone," I scrambled to pick it up.

"I think the condom broke, Caden!" she said with a more panicked tone.

"Babe, those pregnancy test things are one percent inaccurate so I really think you should take a test at a clinic before jumping to conclusions," I said. Drew was now listening.

"Yes, I am, today actually. And it would be really nice if you came with me," Angelina said.

"Angel, now's not a good time, I'm in the middle of- okay, fine, I'll be at your house in ten," I said, trying not to sound peeved, even though I was.

Of course I was aware that this was a big deal, but it's not like it hadn't happened before. It was usually a negative, and taking probability in math, I was pretty certain that I was still far from being a father. "Gotta go, duty calls," I said to Drew. He just rolled his eyes at me and closed the game.


The car ride to the clinic was awkward. She wasn't speaking and neither was I.

Angelina almost leaped out of the car when we arrived. We walked in the white building together. I sat down as she talked to the desk person and signed some papers. After she was done, she sat beside me.

"I'll be in soon, ten minutes or so," she said quietly. She placed her hand on top of mine, but I quickly pulled away. This was definitely not cool with me.

"Uh- whatever happens, there's always abortion?" I tried to suggest. I was probably the last guy a girl would go to for comfort. Unless it was physical comfort that is. But I digress.

Now Angelina was crying. Oh god, this was bad. I couldn't let her cry. "I-I mean it's going to be alright.." I tried to pull her into a hug but she only squirmed away.

"You're a moron," she sniffed. At this point I was expecting her to slap me. Believe me, slaps aren't light, they hurt.

But she didn't. The doctors called her in before she had the chance to hurt me. So I waited around, trying to get the vending machine to work to stall time. A girl started to laugh at me, but I only grinned at her. Finally, the stupid chocolate bar finally came out when I kicked it. And so did Angelina.

"I'm not pregnant!" she cried out with excitement. She ran to hug me.

The girl that was sitting down in one of the waiting chairs winked at me.

Great, now I can get back to what I'm used to.


Though Sunday sucked, Monday was over in a flash. I didn't even skip any classes. Except for english, but is a total bitch.

Drew caught up with me at the bus stop. I didn't usually bus home but my brother was borrowing my car.

"Hey man, what some people said to Angelina wasn't pretty," he stated.

"Whatever, she's hot, they'll get over it," I said in a bored tone. Where was the damn bus?

"Point taken," he grinned as he leaned against the plexiglass wall. "Look, it's the earth fairy, she's not seeing Aaron anymore," Drew spotted Emma Smithers walking across the sidewalk. She was sporting the whole recycled bag and everything. Drew gossiped more than a girl, I swear.

"Aaron can't play soccer for shit, he only got on the team because the coach felt sorry for him," I spat.

"You're right, he does kind of suck at soccer. Maybe that's why Emma dumped him," Drew continued to watch her.

"What? Planning to make a move on earth fairy? She almost dumped the whole male population," I pointed out.

"Which isn't that different from you, except replace male with female," Drew laughed. "I'm surprised that you of all people haven't asked her out yet, scared of getting rejected? I mean, she's perfect. Blonde hair and great body, no? " he smirked.

"Huh. Maybe I'll think about it," I said as Emma disappeared around a corner.

A/N It's short 'cause that was just an introduction :D Plus Caden is pronounced KAY-din, not Kah-din.