Looking back, I really don't think I could have ever realized what was really happening. It changed my life though. It wasn't even too long ago. One would say it was even fairly recent. I never really had bad luck, in fact, most would say that i'm lucky. well, at the time, i guess i was...

chapter 1

I sighed to myself as i looked out the classroom window. I was focusing on a peculiar cloud in the shape of a flower when something grabbed my shoulder.
"Sierra, hurry up, the bell rang." I turned my head lazily to see my friend, Lily, staring at me strangely.
"What? OH! God, i never hear that stupid bell." I chuckled a bit as i gathered my things and walked out of the classroom with Lily.

"What was that about?" Lily finally said once we were inside the school's cafeteria. She'd been concentrating on her feet the whole way there and didn't even pay any mind to the people bumping into her and cursing at her under their breath.
"What? Day dreaming? I never pay attention in History." I replied, just relieved to be part of what seemed like the beginning of an actual conversation. I've always loathed silence. "No, not just History, u haven't been paying any attention in any of your classes today. Not even in drama! And that's your favorite class."
"Y-You dont know what your talking about." I studdered nervously. "Y-You were staring at that kid across from us thte whole time in drama. How would you know if I was paying attention or not." Lily's face flushed red and she walked to the lunch line without me, leaving me amongst strangers.
She was right. I hadn't been paying attention. Ever since I woke up this morning I'd had a strange feeling in my gut. It was unnerving. I was tense too. Whenever anyone would make a sudden movement I'd flinch. And all this time I thought I was doing so well at hiding it. I should've known better, Lily's in all of my classes not to mention she's incredibly observant. I put my head on the table and my eyes were starting to droop when a familiar face plopped down in front of me. "Wazzup sistah!" said my annoying freshman brother, Jordan. "Ugh, go away! Can't you see I don't wanna be messed with right now." I said, exasperated. I just can't catch a break today can i?
"Aww did someone not get enough sleep?" He was faking pity...I HATE pity.
"Go away jordan!" I yelled, already past extremely pissed off. "Go back to your freshman geek squad or something, i don't care, just go away!" Jordan grinned and chuckled at my pouting expression as he walked back over to his usual lunch table.
If there's anything Jordan isn't, it's a geek. And I knew that, trust me, I definately knew that. He looked like our dad. he had golden brown hair and navy blue eyes. His nose was straight and perfect and worked well with the rest of his perfectly toned self. Even though he's 2 years younger than me, which, by the way, makes him just a freshman, he's still roughly 2 inches taller than me. Well, that wouldn't be hard to believe if you've ever met me. I'm in 11th grade and i'm 5'2. It's very sad. And, unlike my Mr. Perfect brother. I'm ain't perfect. I have the same navy blue eyes as Jordan, but my hair is a dark, almost black brown. It's thick and hard to manage which is why i cut it by my neck. Fortunately the hairstyle complemented my oval face well though i do miss my long locks every now and then. My nose is medium sized and has a button on the end which can be immensely annoying when wearing makeup( the foundation makes the button look bigger for an unknown reason). My lips are average and the bottom half curls over a bit. My cheeckbones are hardly noticable and as for my body there isn't really much to speak of though i do try.
All of these facts are what makes living with Jordan absolute hell! Yeah he's my brother but he's just so damn perfect and he knows it! It's freakin' irritating!
Anyway, back to lunch.
Lily came back with nothing. I stared at her questioningly and she told me that she got tired of waiting in the line and rememebered she had a bag of chips in her back pack from yesterday. She offered me some but i refused, i had a huge breakfast.

The rest of the day was normal though i still couldnt get over that strange feeling in my gut. It wasn't until nighttime that that feeling was confirmed. I woke up in a cold sweat. My room seemed unusually dark, i wouldn't even consider it dark. It was pitch black! There was usually atleast a streetlight shining in from outside my window. I turned towards the direction that the window should be in. Nothing. I started to feel panic and hysteria rise up in my throat but i forced it back down. I pulled back the covers with wide, frightened eyes and tried feeling around for the floor. i didn't feel anything and impulsively hopped off my bed. I felt the panic and hysterics begin to flow as i began falling where the floor should be.
'This is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream...' I told myself frantically through tears as i didn't stop falling. I was still pitch black and the expanse appeared endless. Finally, i landed on what felt like cotton. Surprising, I was expecting something more like death spikes.
I forced my eyes open, as they were squinted shut, to assess my surroundings. I was once again surprised to find that the blackness had dissappeared. In it's place was a blood red sky with scattered gray clouds. I scrambled to my feet as i realized what felt like cotton, really was cotton. A whole field of heart shaped cotton balls. I squinted as i tried to read the tiny black writing on the side of each cotton ball heart. I couldn't tell what they said but i could tell they were names. So each of these "hearts" belonged to someone.
My terrified eyes grew larger (if that's even possible) as a long shadow approached me. I took a few steps back trying to remind myself this was just a dream but my more dominant piece of mind kept me in my panic mode.
The shadow held out what seemed to be a representation of a hand once he was but only a few feet away and I was on the brink of fainting from pure terror. I shook my head slowly at first, but my head shakings increased speed as I began to cry and turned to run in the other direction. Another shadow creature. Left: another one. Right: another one. Now there were shadow creatures in every direction, surrounding me. I started to crouch down, sobbing, and curled up into a ball as the darkness engulfed me...

I woke up in my bed. This time, I knew I was awake: I could see outside the window this time. I could feel the dried tears on my cheeks and in my hair. I could feel the headache coming on as well and pulled the covers over my head. 'What the hell was that dream?' I thought as i remembered the dream I'd had and it's demon-like shadow creatures. My eyes popped open as i noticed something around my wrist. A bracelet. Huh, I didn't remember wearing a bracelet yesterday. Actually, I didn't even remember owning a bracelet like that. It was a string of black beads. They reminded me of the endless expanse of blackness from my dream. A vision of blood and screams and terror flashed across my eyes in a brief moment and I felt the tears begin to well up in my eyes again. What did this mean? I had that feeling again. But this time, I was almost certain something terrible would happen today. Things like this don't just happen randomly. I know I've always been just a naturally superstitious person but this was just too creepy not to be real...