Excuse me if this doesn't make perfect sense... I was half-asleep when I wrote it. ^^''

For those who haven't read The Wonderful World of Imminent Doom (no, that isn't a required read):

Qyan is pronounced KYOO-yen. Also, this is in a completely different galaxy nearly three thousand years in the future. The characters aren't even human; they're xenopuxes, which literally means "strange foxes." Just so ya know.

Oh- and "fyet" basically means "heck."

Not Enough

She was still in bed with her red hair covering her face, her yellow fox-like ears against her head, and her tail was dangling off the side. She didn't feel like doing much of anything today, which was strange for Tal Qyan. She loved being outside whenever she could, and it was a beautiful day. It was definitely warm enough to go swimming, which she loved, or go for a walk with her brother and Sim to TOPI- Their Own Personal Island. Sim was quick to point out when they first found it that it wasn't really an island because it wasn't completely cut off by water, but Tig was just as quick to shut him up.

Maybe the problem lay there. With Sim.

He was probably in his room reading about the stars or the universe or something, blissfully unaware that the neighbor girl's mind had landed on him yet again. She couldn't help it by now; she was crazy about him and it seemed like everybody but Sim realized it.

Not like it mattered. Some older girl liked Sim. Yeah, the boy would probably faint even walking up to her (poor kid), but it was just the knowledge that someone else liked him made Tal feel horrible. She knew she was a selfish brat for ever thinking it, but she was glad Sim was so painfully shy because then she'd have a better chance. The thought both sickened and reassured herself.

She heard a knock at the window and glanced up to see Sim looking at her hopefully. He had on an overly large green t-shirt that made him look skinnier than he really was and dark blue swimming trunks, both of which made his pale blue skin look paler. He also had thick sunglasses propped up on his curly indigo hair. There was sunscreen on his nose, and to top it all off, he was clutching a thick book to his chest. The sight made Tal smile.

Sim blushed and smiled. He mouthed, Wanna come read?

Tal grinned and got up from her bed. There was something about that nerdy boy's smile....



They were on TOPI now, just the two of them lying on the grass and reading Sim's book about birth stars. "Almost." Tal was lying; she had only just made it to the middle of the page. But she could sense Sim's longing to turn the page and didn't want to keep him waiting. Sometimes she was convinced that he just absorbed knowledge. Then she remembered how hopelessly naive Sim could be. "OK."

Sim eagerly turned the page and they continued reading about Tal's birth star, Hoshikou. His eyes widened after the first sentence, but he thought it of no consequence.

But Tal found it more than a little interesting. Hoshikou was never any more than three billion kilometers away from Hoshaoi- Sim's birth star. And in distances for birth stars, that was remarkably close. "Sim?" she said, not expecting an answer right away.

Sim placed a finger directly where he left off and looked up at Tal. "Yeah?"

Tal glanced down at the book. "You think that says something about us? How Hoshikou and Hoshaoi aren't that far apart?" She looked back up at Sim, trying to meet him in the eyes, but he blushed and quickly looked away.

"But we're not the only ones born under those stars," he said. He could be too logical sometimes. He stared at the book, but he wasn't reading again yet. "I think the fact that we're friends says more."

Tal smiled and moved over so their shoulders brushed, which made Sim tense. "But..." Her smile started to fade. "D'you ever think... it's enough?" She turned to look him in the eye and even she was a little surprised at how close they actually were.

Sim gasped a little and fell over from shock of having Tal invade his bubble. "Wh-what, umm, d-do, uh..." He swallowed hard, recovering from his lapse back into his old speech habits. "What... do... y-you... mean?"

Tal stood up and extended her hand down to Sim. He hesitantly took it and she pulled him back up. She fought down a strong desire to kiss him as she asked again, "Do you think being friends is enough? For the rest of your life?" She could feel her heart pounding and she wondered what the fyet was she doing.

Sim took several steps back, wrapping his arms around his torso. "Well..." His eyes were wide and even a little misty- she was scaring him a little. "Yeah." He looked like he was about to attempt a smile, but he didn't. "Is being friends enough for you?"

Not even close. Tal put on her best pretend smile and nodded. "More than enough."

Hmm... ice cream, anyone?