There were these distinct thoughts that clouded up my mind, fogging the path I wanted to take. It was like my stupid flashlight broke and I couldn't find the way out of the dark maze. As if heaven itself decided to shield the sun's luscious rays that would–

Okay, yeah enough of the figurative language. I guess you kind of know what I'm talking about.

I couldn't think straight.

Sitting in the middle of class, during the middle of a test I could easily ace, my brain began its malfunction. A guy problem was fogging up my concentration.

All. I. could. think. of. was. him.

Why couldn't I have met him after the test?

He came into my classroom a week ago, brightening up my 6th period class. He was friendly with everyone, so I didn't have to make the first move to talk to him.

Yeah, you're probably wondering his name and what he looks like. Well, if you're not, I'm still going to tell you.

You know how good looking guys are described as tall, dark, and handsome and you always shake your head and think, No, they aren't. I've never seen one like that before? Well, neither have I. This guy is short, white, and not so handsome. Okay, so I lie again.

He is tall and cute, but I think he overshot the "dark" look to go with it. He has what everyone can agree on as being called an "uber-tan." So, maybe he really is white. But that aside, it was his smile that drew me towards him. It was warm and cute. The type that even gets those around him smiling. Dimples included. Oh yeah…

He introduced himself as Walter. I guess that's an okay name. I thought with such beaming blue eyes he would have more of a sophisticated name like Maxwell or Milliardo. Is that last one even a real name?

I guess Walter's fine. It kind of goes with that darkly inked hair of his.

Another beyond amazing feature that he has is his voice. It's to die for! Now I know why such a stupid saying came to be. So deep and rich and sexy. Oh man is it sexy. He sounds like a he could successfully get a job at one of those 1-800-phone sex lines.

The only thing I didn't like about him that much were his clothes. He was dressed too professionally. Black pants with a blue shirt and red tie. But that's not such a big problem. Anyone with an imagination can fix that, especially if that imagination is mine.

But back to my situation. The test and him. Yes, that is what I shall call this problem. The test and him. Maybe I should write a story about it?

Oh crap! He's right next to me!

I didn't even have to turn, not that I could, to know he was right there. I could inhale his warmth. His electric blue eyes sizzling and stroking my skin. I could envision his hair, sweeping over his forehead, tickling his neck.

I closed my own eyes and was again sucked into my dream world. Why I would day dream away when he was right next to me puzzles me as well, but I didn't want to go back because in this world, he was calling my name…




I snapped awake from my fantasy world to find him actually calling my name in the real world. I looked up at him as he loomed over my sitting physique.

"Maggie, are you okay?" he asked. I almost fell into another fantasy as my eyes merged into his.

No! No more distractions!

I blinked before answering him, "Nuh-Nothing's wrong. I'm fine, thanks." Yes, I managed to sneak in a smile!

Ugh! Whatever. I'm such an idiot.

He placed a hand on my shoulder. I prevented myself from giggling like the blushing bride I felt. Damn him making me think of all these damn romantic clichés!

"Alright, Maggie," he smiled. Then he walked away to another row of desks.

I sighed as I turned back to my test. Only four questions answered. This time two weeks ago I would have been halfway through.

It sucks to have a crush on your substitute teacher.

Short, cute little spill...yay!

Thanks for reading! n.n