"Why am I here?" That's a question I couldn't answer 4 years ago.

As a wolf, when you become a "teenager" you have to help hunt with your pack. You could also CHOOSE to have a mate. (I chose not to because that was too much responsibility for me, and besides... I wasn't interested in any other wolves around here, there were some interested in me though.)

Before I could actually hunt I had to see someone else do it. Chad, the "strongest" member of the pack, showed me how because I had to learn from "The Best".
When I actually saw the chase, the hunt, the kill... I thought about the poor creature.
I never imagined us wolves to be so cruel.
The next day Chad asked me what I felt like eating, I said "deer" so he took me to a place with a lot of deer.

When we got there he told me to pick one, after choosing Chad said "no, you must choose someone weaker" when I asked why he simply said because it's easier and because life is unfair. I didn't see that as a reason, so I refused to hunt. When he heard that, he immediately kicked me out of the pack. The only one who tried to convince him to let me stay was my best friend, but then I stopped him and said "It's okay Arman, I don't stay where I'm not wanted"

I had been with that pack for as long as I can remember, sure there were some assholes in there, but also some of my best friends were there.

The rest year or so of my life was wasted. I still refused to hunt.
I survived because Arman brought me food every time they hunted.

But as the time passed I decided it was time to move on, there was no use in staying there.

I walked for days. After day 5 I was starving.

I had almost given up on myself, but then I looked up to the moon, and as I lay there, dying... I heard a howl. The first howl I'd heard since I left. I tried to howl back, but it was a bad effort.

The last thing I remember that night was the moon fading to black.