Imperfect Prince Charming

Remember as a little girl

Wishing for prince charming

To sweep you off your feet

Like he did in that fantasy

Cinderella, Snow white, Sleeping Beauty

Fairy tale, perfect world

I've found charming in the most

Unlikely of places

For a prince, that is

But here's a little secret

Prince charming does exist

He's just not perfect like in the movies

My prince charming is

Just another boy

In a polo shirt and jeans

With no white horse

No shining armor and

No flashing sword

Just a smile and

A rude and obnoxious

Annoying sense of humor

Who, yes I do fight with

And yes, I do hate

Every once in a while

Yep, no perfect family

Marriage, life, eternity

But a real and even better mortality

In reality I can really touch

Really feel, really love

Better than any fairy tale

He's definitely not a cultured prince

Has no manners at the dinner table

But then again….Neither do I

Leaves his dirty clothes

All over the floor

Leaves open the bathroom door

Doesn't put the toilet seat down

Doesn't know I exist

When he's watching football

But I guess it doesn't take

Perfection to be my

Prince charming

Because truthfully

If he was perfect

He'd be all too boring for me

Because the fun of my

Not-so-fairy tale prince

Is his






Drive me CRAZY,