"Dream Helpers" is the name that is plastered on the front of the small home-like building. In this building a small room that has a desk with a plethora of papers and knick-knacks, an old brown leather love seat with yellow pillows and an old quilt lazily laid on the back of it, a red sitting chair facing the love seat, and a corner table with tissues and a small lamp; had this eerie presence, especially on the corner of the desk where there is a jar of sand. A man owns this room as a business that he started four years ago, outside of this room was a small lobby where his nurse tends to his every need. Coffee. Appointments. Medication.

The man happily loves his job. Not only does he love it, but he is good at it and very well known about it. He is the famous Dr. Adam McVall, a dream therapist / psychologist.

Ken Andrews

"So I laid my head back against the cold cabinet hoping that the guy didn't see me. I felt the sweat drip off of my chin as my hands shook for my gun. I knew the guy couldn't see me, but it felt like he could. It felt like he could beat me in time," The man looked down at his feet. He wore a black suit, because everyday he goes to funerals. His dirty blond hair shaggy and unkempt, framed his long face. Bags laid under his eyes, signs of lack of sleep, thought the doctor, skin pale…cells dying rapidly. Hmm- "Dr. McVall, I tried everything, but every time…every time I am too late. Either the victim is dead before my feet or the criminal kills himself as if he knew that I was after him. What the hell am I supposed to do?" He slowly looked up to the doctor.

"First Ken, call me by my first name. It is Adam, remember?" Ken nodded, "Good. Second, you seem to dream of the future. Is that what you are telling me?" Ken nodded again, "Hmm, I see. Then all I can recommend is to take the pills and sleep." Adam quickly scribbled down something on a small square paper and handed it to Ken. Shaking, Ken took the paper without looking on it. He smiled and nodded again.

"Thanks Adam."

"My pleasure, just give it to the nurse up front," Adam smiled.

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

"Don't mention it. It's my job," Adam paused as Ken gathered his things, "Oh, before I forget. Remember it's just a dream. Meaning you can do anything. Meaning you can use that gun the next time." He added in a dark tone.

Ken nodded, and then left leaving Adam smiling.

(Ken Andrews)

Unlocking the door Ken Andrews slips into his house. Kicking off his shoes and hanging up his jacket, he pulled out the small brown bottle that had a label of some long name for the medication. "Note: Take before sleeping. Do not take with alcohol or any other type of drugs. It may cause drowsiness, hallucinations, and anxiety," read the side label.

"It's okay to use the gun. It's only a dream," Ken muttered to himself.

But what if I don't shoot? What if the guy kills me first? Would I wake up?

"Damn it, you are a detective for god's sake Ken! If you don't get it together then what's the point?" He clenched his fist.

"Talking to yourself again?" A petite woman stared at him down the hall. "I don't think that is healthy, Brother."

"Tracie, you are home early." Ken ignored her comment.

"Is that a crime, Mr. Officer?" She raised a brow. "Besides I just finished making dinner."

"Sorry Tracie, but I am not hungry," he entered the kitchen and gave her a hug, "It looks good, but the doc said I needed to take my meds and sleep."

Sighing, Tracie nodded, "I understand."

He headed back down the hallway and shut the door behind him when he entered his room. Tracie picked up the phone and dialed a number, "Hey Jan." She said.

"What's up Trace?"

She sighed, "Oh nothing."

"Eating alone I see…err hear."

"Yeah, it sucks though. I mean I know he cares for me and he works hard, but I wish…"

"It's okay Hun, just let him rest. He works hard for you and him to be together. At least it is better then home with your parents' right? Especially with your dad." Jan said.

"True. I just worry about my brother too. He has been acting weird, he looks paler then a ghost, and he barely eats. I asked him if there is something wrong and he says it's his dreams. So I said that he should go to a dream therapist. He did today, thank God, but he skipped dinner." Tracie frowned, "You would think that someone like him would at least look a little better after talking to someone who is a professional, ya know?"

"Yeah…I see. Well all I have to say Trace, is just eat your dinner, take a nice hot shower or bath, and sleep yourself. You are still in school so…you need to rest too." Jan paused, "Tracie, don't forget to lock up. I hear there is a freak out there where you are."

"I will. Thanks again Jan. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye." Tracie hung up.

With that she ate dinner, washed up, and climbed into bed.

(Ken's dream)

I jerked up from bed hearing something crash into billions of pieces. All I could think of is to grab my gun and protect my little sister. Luckily she was across the hall.

Sliding off my bed, I grabbed my gun that lay on my night stand and tip-toed myself to the door. Pressing my ear against it I could hear muffled voices. A man…and Tracie! Oh god, oh god what am I going to do?

Sweat trickled down my face as I slowly turned the knob of my door. Click. Opening it slowly I peeked my head out. Paintings from the wall were either askew on the wall or fallen to the ground. Glass everywhere and beads of blood glistened in the moon light on the floor.

Scared out of my wits I looked across the hall to see the door wide open, Tracie's room disoriented and her bed bare.

"Where is he?" Shouted the man.

"I-I told you, h-he doesn't l-live here!" Sobbed Tracie.

"Bitch, you lie!" The awful sounds of beating filled my


"S-stop it! N-no! B-brother!" I ran. I ran to her voice. To her body which looked crushed as the man in all black stood over her. He looked at me with his face hidden behind a ski mask. Oh how I wanted to rip him apart. Oh how I wanted to feel the blood drain from his body in joy for what he did. Oh how I…

A gun shot followed a scream made Ken woke up. He found himself standing with the gun in his hands pointed at his sister. She is fine, he thought in glee. Until blood dripped from her lips. The TV remote slipped from her hands as she sank deeper into the couch. Her face pale and her eyes rolled back.

Ken dropped the gun in horror.

(Back at Dream Helpers)

"So Doctor, do you really think that this Ken guy can see the future of criminals?" Asked his nurse.

Adam smiled, "Why of course he can…because dreams do come true."

End of Ken Andrews

Troy Williams

"Hey Hun, can you pass me the plate on the table?" A plump old woman looked over at the young man that had wavy blond hair and striking blue eyes. His slump shoulders moved up and down with his sigh as he sluggishly got up from the table and handed the plate to his mother. Frowning she took it and turned back to what she was doing, "Don't forget, today is your father's birthday and he wants to hang out with you, Troy."

"Yeah, yeah. I wont ditch him or anything ma." He went into his room.

His mother sighed and shook her head, "Twenty-five years old and still I have issues with that boy. When will he ever grow up?"

Troy switched from his dirty white shirt into a black button up shirt and dark blue jeans. Pulling up his socks he heard the door slammed shut. Dad's home…great. Just put on your smile and make him happy, he thought to himself. He shoved his shoes on and stepped out of his room with a smile.

"Hey dad, happy birthday." Troy said.

"Sixty-two and I still got it son," his father winked at him. "Ah, you're ready I see. Well let me just get ready real quick and then we will head out. K?"

Troy nodded, I wonder where, he thought in disgust.

(Dream Helpers)

"Doctor, what ever happened to your new client?" The nurse looked over from her papers to Adam who sat lazily in his chair at his desk. She sat across the small room with files piled up on either side of her with a small stack on her lap.

"Eh," he shrugged, "I heard that he was that weird freak who would murder people at night in his sleep. So all those dreams of the empty faced men he would see is actually himself." He shook his head and picked up his coffee to take a sip, "They finally caught him a night ago when he killed his seventeen year old sister, such a pity. Oh, and if you don't mind I am going out into the red light district for a bit." He looked over to his nurse.

Locking his eyes with hers, she blushed, "Doctor, I didn't know you were that kind of man!"

"Oi, you got it wrong now. I am not interested in sex; I'm just visiting a friend there. You can call him a colleague of mine." He stood up and slipped on his black trench coat, "So you can go home if you like after you finish up here."

The nurse sighed, "You do need to go to the red light district."

Adam chuckled, "But sex is futile in my book, I rather be last in my name then pass it along to a daughter or a son. I am the last McVall, don't you forget that." He said coolly.

Blushing, the nurse went back to filing as he shut the door behind him.

(Troy Williams)

Looking out of the truck window, Troy had a shiver crawl slowly up his spine, "So, where are we going?"

"That is a surprise." replied his father.

"But this is your birthday. Not mine," he glanced at his father.

Swiftly he swerved out of traffic and parked on the side of the road. He looked at Troy with a dirty smile as he handed him a thick black band of fabric. "Put it on," he commanded.

Shaking, Troy pulled the fabric over his eyes. "Son," his father continued, "Do you remember how I said I wanted grandkids? You are twenty-five right? I am sixty-two…and I am still waiting. You haven't even lost your virginity," he started up the car and entered into traffic once more, "For my birthday…for my birthday," his voice growled, "For my birthday I want to witness my son seeding a woman. I want to witness that he has potential in this family…making this family's name live long into the books of history." He smiled, "So, can you do that for me, son? Can you?"

"You're sick!" Troy reached for the fold but as he did something shocked his temples making him yelp.

"Nuh-huh, I wouldn't do that now son. I have the remote and if you even think about running away…you wouldn't even get two feet away without getting your brain fried. I put you into this world and I can easily take you out."

Shit! Shit! Shit! Troy thought as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, I mean I like pussy as much as the next guy but damn it. I don't want to lose it this way, I rather find the right person, the right gal…shit! He bit the bottom of his lip, too scared out of his wits to speak or to even breathe.