Let Me Know

Let me know when you've caught on
When the realization opens your eyes.
Let me know when you're aware I'm gone
Because I failed in countless tries.

Let me know when you start to ache
And feel the pain deep in your soul...
Let me know when your heart finally breaks
Because now you'll never again be whole.

Let me know when you feel the guilt
When you realize that we're forever apart.
Let me know when your tears are spilt
Kindly inform me when sincere agony starts.

Let me know that you meant it sincere
When you used those three words so carelessly.
Let me know that you actually want me here
Instead of throwing me away so effortlessly.

Let me know when you feel like you could die
Because you've finally lost your other half...
Let me know long after I've said goodbye
That you still cling to our jointed path.

Let me know after a great passage of time
That you never meant to push me so far away.
Let me know that you've suffered for this crime
And that without me, you'll never be okay.

Let me know when you cannot sleep at night
Because you're haunted by melodies in my voice.
Let me know when all you think of is your plight
And you regret that this solution was the choice.

Let me know how much you'd do to prove to me
Just how strongly this love really affects you.
Let me know how wonderful our future is meant to be
Before you spend your eternity in tearstained hues.

Let me know how hard it's become to breathe
As I no longer know how you truly feel.
Let me know how badly you beg for the relief
And tell me if time has helped you heal.

Let me know just how badly you feel this hurt
Knowing that your feelings have been spurned.
Let me know when you find out how much it's worth...
And until then, I don't want you to return.