I will not thrive in the hole I made for myself.
it contains no nutrients (or sustainable things)
it gathers no sunlight for photosynthesis for me to turn to glucose,
so I may be green.
I have riddled my hole with bugs, that have taken to eating each other. they may not last long.
the lack of sunlight is getting to them too their offspring are born weak.

three nights ago the hole filled with water and fish appeared.
angler fish. and they now mock me.
and insist on scratching the walls with their teeth at night.
it keeps us up.
the bugs now hide with me at night, when the fish are lively.

the water does not erode, it sits, stagnant,
and quickly becomes a poison.

we all now suffer of copper poisoning.
and we are turning green (an unhealthy shade.)
I can't make it to the bottom anymore,
the water rose.
and the coins are too far down. now we are watched by Lincoln mostly (he is killing us)
the pollution is killing the last of my bugs.

three weeks pass.
light came, a small fraction.
and algae is growing, and mysterious nests are appearing we watch the nests with anticipation.
(the fish fear it will be birds)
(we don t touch the eggs) they are blue.

we have bats! they bring fruit from the outside!
we steal form them.
the bugs begin to thrive,
and we have grown close to the fish (they eat dead bats), but they sin now.

the fish learned to breath air.
we are running low, the water reeks,
the fish keep secrets.

I crawled out last night (only the bugs came with me)
the fish and bats stay.
they still throw pennies (and we still don t know why)
we did not like all the change