No Heart
I was young and I met this girl
We got together and my head began to swirl
She got what she wanted, my heart and money
Dipping into me like I was a pot of honey

It went like this for awhile
She was crafty, perfect style
Then she turned into a poisonous snake
Found out that her love was fake

Sleeping with my best man
Probably sleeping with my fans
I don't know when it began to start
All I know is my girl has no heart

She got no heart, got no heart.
God forgot to give her a part
And like every gold digger I know
She's getting down on me like a hoe

Down on her knees
Skirt blowing in the breeze
Took me for my money, took me for my keys
Took my house and my Mercedes

She don't love, only the dough
She move quickly she ain't slow
Got in to the cash flow
But now I know

She aint go a heart
Where do I start
She doesn't care
And all I can do is stare

She used to be mine
Her body divine
But she wont be doing time
Even though she committed a crime

This bitch got no soul
Eyes as black as coal
I got broken in two
Out in my private jet she flew

Told me that she loved me
But really she loved my money
I don't know where to start
But that bitch ain't got a heart.