Interior Monologue


Interior Monologue:

One of the writing techniques used to present the stream of consciousness of a character; the internal emotional experience of the character, reaching downwards to the nonverbalized level where images must be used to represent sensations or emotions.

Prologue: The Condemned Shouldn't Cry

Silent night-

A lone figure hobbled into the eerie forest, gasping for breath as she felt a painful stitch growing at her side. She leaned against a tree, breathing heavily as she turned her head to back to see them. She could hear the dogs barking viciously from the distance. She cursed. They were still on her trail. Reluctantly, she pushed herself from the tree, holding onto her leg as she limped through the trees.

Holy night-

The moon was full and bright, giving her enemies a greater chance of catching a glimpse of her. The trees lurked above her. A soft breeze blew. Leaves delicately drifted towards the ground. The green grass was vibrant and glowing with vitality while sprinkles of hot blood fell upon them as she ran. She clutched at her thigh, cursing as the pain prickled up her leg.

All is calm-

There were neither stars nor clouds in the sky; it was just a vast black sea. The chirping insects and twittering birds were silent. She turned her head to catch a glimpse of the six dogs closing the distance between them. Limping even faster, she clawed her way past trees, desperately seeking for sanctuary. She gasped out in horror as she slipped on the wet grass, hitting the ground, feeling the dew drops seep through her white dress.

All is bright-

She screamed as one of the dogs latched onto her arm. She shrieked in pain as the dog jerked his head roughly from side to side. Soon, the other five dogs reached her; snapping their pearly teeth at her face and snarling viciously while white foam flew at her face. Three dogs in total, held her down by the leggings and sleeves as the other two barked and growled at her. She barely noticed the dog's teeth threatening to sink deeper in her flesh as her fear grew.

Round yon Virgin Mother and Child-

She looked up and gasped as she noticed her enemies approaching even faster. She grunted and kicked out her leg so that a dog yelped and scampered back. As she stood, she landed a neat punch at the head of the dog that clung on her sleeve. With her free hand, she grasped a stick and began to pound at the dogs all the while screaming. Soon all the dogs released their grasp on her, allowing her stand and run once more.

"Grab her and make sure she doesn't escape from your hold again!" One of the men snarled.

She rushed but it was hopeless. At once, a hand clasped around her arm and threw her roughly at the ground.

Holy infant so tender and mild-

She cried out as her hands scraped the ground, bleeding profusely from the injury. She didn't have enough time to cry as one of the men grabbed her by the hair and pounded her face on the dirt, smothering her face into the ground. It was impossible to release herself from his grasp, let alone breathe.

"Please!" She raised her voice, hoping that the enemy would have pity on her.

Another man appeared and slapped her on the face. "Shut up!" That blow almost knocked her unconscious.


Sleep in heavenly peace-

He clenched his fist, pulled it back and brought it down hard. A loud crack rang through the night. He released her as she slumped across thick roots of a tree. There were white flowers glowing near the base of the tree, giving off a hum of appreciation as it sucked in the beams coming from the moon.

The heavenly maiden was in the hands of the tainted.

Her heart died that night; her soul along with it.

Sleep in heavenly peace...

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