Girls are so stupid! Boys are so stupid! People in general are stupid!

We girls get so jealous and petty over the smallest and stupidest things. We don't talk to each other when we think someone is mad, we either avoid them like the plague or act like a total bitch to the person we think is mad at us. Guys always say girls are so emotional and talk about our feelings. But you know what? Its not always true! We gossip, we lie, we stab each other in the back, we can be so cruel. Out harshness is an art form, an art form that has horrible and serious consequences.

But when we find those friend, those great girl friends, we stick with each other. We have their backs, were talk to them about almost anything, we help them, tease them, care for them, but most of all our there for them when they really need us.

Boys are just stupid and oblivious half the time. They tease and mock to get our attention. Sometimes they fuel us up with emotions we do not recognize in both good and bad ways. Many of them are total jerks and pigs that will fill us up with desire and "love" only to drop us like a sack of garbage. But of course not all boys are bad, some turn out to be wonderful friends, the best of. And then you finally meet that one boy who will sweep you off your feet and fill you up with love, desire, confidence, and happiness day after day, hopefully, always and forever.

People will always be stupid. Girls and boys will always hurt and disappoint us. But its the people who are there for us everyday, that keep us going day after day, that really matter. Maybe we haven't met that special group of friends that will always be the true defintion of Best Friends Forever or The One. But if we keep looking and keep the ones that are good to us and keep us going now close maybe we won't need to look far, or maybe we can just look for another. But that's life that ups and downs and the people in it matter. It's the people that keep life going.