I know this may come off as insensitive and mean, but hear me out, I'm slightly confused by it. How can some of the ugliest, horrible, and

dumbest people ever get a significant other? (I know I may fall in either category, and I know it's mean, but it still confuses me.) I don't get how

some of the mean conceded people get girlfriend or boyfriend.

What is it about me that just repulses the opposite sex, except for the few creepers?

All I know is that I want at least one boyfriend before I graduate. But to be honest I don't want a boyfriend just say I have one. I want to find

love. I want to love someone and be loved for who I am, for my flaws, for my crazy and difficult ways. I want to love someone for their self and

their flaws.

I want to someone to walk the halls with hand-in-hand. I want someone I can be stupid and immature with but at the same time turn around

and be serious and mature with. I just....want someone to hold and content with...to be happy with.

I know it's a lot to want and I may be selfish for wanting it, but that's life and it does truly suck at certain times. But that's why its called Life.