They raped her

See we got his-story

But we don't have herstory

And as it remains

They raped her

They raped her body

For being black as night

During the noon day light

As she walked home from church

Holding her books tightly as they called

Her nigger, and whore

Spitting in her face as they

Tore the dress from her body

Taking away from her again and again

The love she once had for herself

Leaving her broken and lying

On some alley floor

They raped her

For being beautiful and young

They raped her because she wanted

Equality for every woman

That looked up to her in hopes that she

would be the savior for years

of servitude to the men that now

beat her body and soul

screaming at her for her audacity

of being beautiful and smart

They raped her

For not wearing three articles of clothing

That represented her gender

They held her up against steal bars

that are meant for murders and thieves

and tore into her body

Inserting their cure for her disease

making sure she will never be able to love again

Making sure she knew, she would never be safe from them

They raped her

Her mind torn and confused

As every day they rape her with

their words, never beautiful enough

never smart enough, not thin enough

not big enough, never enough

They use her to gain for themselves

without seeing the blood seeping from her

in vain attempts to stave off the attack

that leaves her alone in the dark

unprotected by all things that go bump in the night

They raped us

Taking from us the stories

In which could shape us into

More than what we have become

taken from daughters, sisters, future women

the opportunity of a history that shows us

more than what the textbooks give

More than the iconographic women

who are held so high upon a pedestal that

we have forgotten what they look like

They took the voices

The memories

The existence

Of those whose impact upon the world

Was so great, and yet went by unnoticed

Because of their skin color

Because of their looks

Because of who they loved

Because of who they fought to be

They raped us

And called it...his-story