by Jullie Midnight


When stars line up, when night falls down,
With eyes of blue and hair of brown,
She slowly steps into the light
Her hair and dress are shining bright.

She calls for him, he doesn't come.
When with her prayers she is done,
She grabs her dress, sits by the lake
Wond'ring if she's still awake.

All is quiet and all is hush.
Someone comes closer in a rush.
She turns around, falls in his arms
Beyond their love, there are no harms.

"My lady, don't you cry no more,
For I will be forever yours."
He cups her cheek and blows her tears
Into her midnight eyes he stares.

They lose themselves into one kiss,
That feels like pure moment of bliss.
All of a sudden they forget
About their lives, about the yet.