"You know that's my chair" she said, a book and in her hand and an ipod dangling from the other one.

Stretching his arms over his and ruffling his dark brown hair he mumbled a quiet "hello"

"So, how about you move so I can get on with my day and you can get out of my life." she stated, while tucking a long light brown piece of hair behind her ear.

"My, my you are a woman of many words" he replied his green eyes twinkling.

"And you apparently are a man of few"

"Well I am actually quite comfortable here but you are welcome to join me." He stated replying to her earlier question

"Ok, listen" she started to rant " I deal with your loud parties every night and I have never once complained because hey I know how to appreciate a good party. But honestly! Every night! Seriously, I get the whole "hey were in college now" lets party thing, but balance is pretty fun too. And now you have just overstepped the line. This is my house and my chair so if you could kindly move it would be much appreciated."

"Now tell me, how is it that you passed kindergarten? Didn't you learn how to share my little sunflower." He replied a smile stretching out on his face

"You have got to be kidding me!" she exclaimed before turning away to make the quick walk back to her house.

Grabbing her arm he stated "Wait! How would you like to go out for coffee sometime?"

"Coffee!" she responded and stalked away in a fit of rage.

A smile slowly spread out on the young man's face. He had always liked a challenge.