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Mystic Dawn:Small Flame

By Amrita Rayn.


[Thunder crashes.]

Citsym looked up and sniffed the air. "Seven minutes at most, and it looks like its going to be a downpour, too." She looked around desperately for some shelter."Cat's-fur, I really don't want to get soaked." Citsym continued to search. "Ah, thank goodness, there are some buildings up ahead, and it looks like one might be an inn." She started to dash toward the inn, trying to beat the rain.

Chapter 1

A downpour started. Citsym shook as much water off as possible, under the overhang. Then walked into the inn. Citsym looked around the room. To the left people were gathered around a gigantic fireplace,warming themselves at a blazing fire, watching the women sing and prance about the stage that was to one side of the fireplace. They looked like a bunch of conceited peacocks strutting and preening. In the far left corner, rowdy drunks were sitting at a bar that extended along the back wall towards the kitchen.

Among the servants she saw a young boy with dull red hair. "He looks normal enough," she thinks to herself, "but there's something, something that doesn't quite---"

"Hello Miss! Welcome to Country Road Inn." The hostess, who had just come out of the meeting room to her right, greeted her. "I'm sorry, but all the tables by the fireplace are full,would you be willing to sit with these folk at this table here by the meeting room?"

"That's fine." Said Citsym, and followed her to a table where two people were already seated. The first person, a tall young man with messy blond hair and pale ice blue eyes, was wearing a vest and arm guards over a long sleeved shirt, and long pants that tucked into his boots. A big sword was leaned up against the table. The second person was a little angel girl, her shoulder length hair was so blond as to be almost white. Her eyes were a bright crystal blue, and she was wearing a pure snow-white dress that draped loosely from her shoulders.

"Look, Tetsaguri! That girl has cat ears and a tail." said Charity.

"Charity? Of course she has cat ears and a tail, she's a harzba" said Tetsaguri.

"Huh? A what?"

"She's a half demon, Charity" said Tetsaguri.

"WHAT!?! She's a half demon! How did I miss it?" said Charity, she jumped up on the bench.

"That's what I'd like to know." Muttered Tetsaguri.

"Hum, did you say something?"

"Nothing Charity." said Tetsaguri.

Charity took out her halo and held it up, "Demon! Be---"Tetsaguri snatched her halo from her hand and held it in his right hand away from her. Citsym had stopped abruptly when she saw Charity raise the halo, and was surprised by Tetsaguri's action.

"Is something wrong, Miss?" asked the hostess.

"No, there's nothing to worry about." said Citsym.

"Sorry about that, she tends to be …eccentric." Tetsaguri remained standing, fending off Charity as she kept reaching for her halo.

"It's all right." said Citsym cautiously as she sat down.

Charity tried once again to take her halo back, missed, and fell off the bench. [Thump!] "Ouch! That hurt!"

"Are you all right?" asked Citsym. Tetsaguri burst out laughing.

Charity ignored Citsym as she climbed to her feet. "Tetsaguri! Give me back my halo!"

"I will only if you put it away." he replied.

"But Tetsaguri, I need to banish the demon." Charity whined.

"No, you don't. Besides, she's only a half-demon. Now, here. Put your halo away before I decide to keep it" he threatened.

"Eh . . . Meanie!" cried Charity as she snatched her halo out of his outstretched hand, reluctantly put it away, dropped down on the bench and crossed her arms.

"Good evening, can I get anything for the three of you?"

"BEER! Ale! Whatever you have here." Charity yelled with her hands in the air. Everyone in the room looked at her for a moment and then went back to their business.

"What kind of angel are you?" Tetsaguri asked in disbelief.

"A one-of-a-kind angel-in-training . . . Why?" asked Charity with a smile.

"Well, it's no wonder you're still in training." He said sarcastically.

"You know nothing of the matter, and besides, I've wanted to know what it tasted like for, well for longer than you can imagine!" she said.

Citsym sighed, shook her head, and turned to the waitress. "I'll have some stew."

Charity gasped. "You like stew? I want some too! And some beer." she said excitedly

"I'll also have some stew, and three cups of hot tisane." Then, as he looked at Charity he added "No beer!"

"But Tetsaguri…" Charity started to say but was cut off by his glare.

"All right, we'll have someone bring it out as soon as it's ready" said the waitress as she headed to the kitchen.

Charity turned back to Citsym. "Wow! You like stew? I thought all that demons ate were their victims."

"Yuck! Where did you hear that? There may be some…maybe, but not very many" exclaimed Citsym.

"Well, I guess you're all right for a half-demon. I'm sorry!" said Charity. She raised her hand and a bright flash of light shone from it.

Citsym's fur stood on end and she tensed with apprehension. Charity lowered her hand. Citsym looked around with a puzzled expression, wondering what had happened. "Huh? I'm dry!" said Citsym.

"Of course you are! I'm an angel, what did you expect?" said Charity smugly.

"Angel? Yeah, right!" thought Tetsaguri as he turned his head and coughed. Charity glared at Tetsaguri who took a drink from his flask.

"Things like this must happen between them all the time!" thought Citsym.

"You're mean! Can I have some wine, then?" asked Charity.

"What is it with you and alcohol? You're an angel, you're supposed to be pure" he said. Charity stuck her tongue out at him.

Tetsaguri turned to Charity. "You know, if you don't hurry up he will surpass you, Charity."

"Huh? He who? Which one, Tetsaguri? There are a lot of guys here" asked Charity.

"The red-haired kid" he replied, and gestured to the boy.

"Oh, come on . . . angels are allowed to drink wine!" She said cheerfully as she waved her hand up and down.

"Well, as long as you're with me you're not." He gave her a look that she just shrugged off.

"That bloody vixen, I can't believe she got away again" said one of the two man sitting at the table closest to them, as he glared at the wanted poster on the wall. "I had her in my grasp and she still got away, grrr..." the first man growled with an angry scowl, as he knocked his drink over violently.

"Whatever Alfred." said his partner. "But that's the second time you've said that. Maybe we should-"

"Jordan, Jordan, you may have been at the top of your class, but this isn't the training grounds this is the real thing, besides anything you'd come up with wouldn't work in a thousand years." Alfred said.

"Whatever you say Alfred." Jordan replied. Then he asked, "So what do you suggest we do?"

"I don't know yet. Dangit Jordan!" Alfred growled, his patience worn thin.

Jordan looked Alfred over, frustration slowly crawling into his calm composure, he sighed, "Well, couldn't we just lu-"

"Shut up, Jordan!" Alfred roared.

Jordan narrowed his eyes, "Fine. Whatever Alfred. We'll do it your way and see what happens." he snapped.

"You know something! Your arrogant attitude is really ticking me off!" he continued to roar, then he stood up, shaking with pure, blind rage as he flipped his table aside.

Charity at another table gasped and hid behind Tetsaguri, who watch as the fight broke out.

"I'll kill you!" howled Alfred as he attacked Jordan with all his might.

Jordan tried to fend him off, and was knocked to the floor. He rolled aside to dodge the incoming attack and stood up.

Alfred took out a keris, hidden in one of the numerous pockets on the inside of his vest and threw it at Jordan.

Jordan dodged the keris, watched as it flew through the air and grazed the red-haired servant's cheek.

Alfred lunged towards the distracted Jordan, seized his throat and started to squeeze. "It would of done you well to remember where your place is. Good-bye and good-riddance to you." he sneered with a gleam in his eye.

"There well be no killing in my inn, now get out of here before I forcibly remove you." boomed a big strong man, whose voice preceded him from the meeting room.

Alfred let go of Jordan's neck, rose slowly and skulked toward the door. "Those are brave words inn-keep, be sure you don't regret it!" he said darkly. Jordan rubbed his neck and followed Alfred out of the inn.

The innkeeper glanced around the room to make sure no more fights would break out, turned around and walked back into the meeting room.

The red-haired servant came over to the table where Tetsaguri, Charity, and Citsym sat and started to serve them.

"Hmm, not a deep gash, but enough to bleed and he hasn't wiped the blood away," Citsym thought to herself. "Poor boy, he looks dispirited," she took a napkin out from her pack and started to reach up to wipe away the blood on his cheek, when he suddenly froze with fear. When she was through, he hastily finished serving their table and quickly returned to the kitchen.

"I think you scared him" Tetsaguri said.

"I think you're right" replied Citsym. She sighed as she watched the red-haired boy who had once again come out of the kitchen and continued, eyed turned down, to serve other customers. the three of them ate in silence.

"Tetsaguri, the rain stopped" Charity chimed, breaking the silence.

"Yes, we know it stopped raining, little Miss Obvious" he said resignedly, as he finished his meal. Charity had rapidly scarfed down her stew and was worrying a piece of bread.

"So where are we going to go next?" Charity asked Tetsaguri.

"We're going to Admeta."

"Admeta, where is that?"

"It's up the road, Charity." Tetsaguri replied. He stood up, picked up his sword, and headed towards the door. Charity jumped up to follow him when she stopped and turned to looked at Citsym.

"What's your name?" Charity asked.

"Oh, sorry! I'm Citsym." she said, introducing herself.

"Citsym? That's an interesting name." Tetsaguri said with a thoughtful tone, and then shrugged.

"Well then, Citsym, good journey" he said and walked out.

"I like it. It's a unique name. Bye!" Charity waved and hurried after Tetsaguri.

When the travelers and the village men left, Citsym got up, picked up her pack and went over to the hostess. "Is there a room where I can stay a few nights?"

"Yes, follow me." She led Citsym upstairs to a room down the hall to the left. Citsym paid her for two nights, thanked her and walked into the room.