Part I

I stare blankly into the bland cup of coffee I had been nursing for the better oart of thirty minutes or so. By now it was ice cold and even more bitter now than was initially served to me. I wasn't too worried about it though, asking for a fresh cup would be more trouble than it was worth. Hopefully, I would not be here much longer anyways. The cold rain outside forced me into this queer little establishment in the middle of the city, and as soon as it let up I would be back out into the street practicing my nightly routine of wondering the city.

This place was the epitome of cheep diners. The only waitress (who was the steriotype of a waitress in this sort of establishment) had perched herself as far from me as she could at the opposite end of the bar. She sat lazily on a stool reading some trashy female magazine, smacking her gum loudly in the process. It was probably was the only way she could think strait. I know if I had my hair in the shape of a bee-hive and bleached out enough to reflect light, I would have trouble thinking too. Fortunately the untasteful ammount of makeup she wore and the bright pink ketchup stained uniform went along well with the hair.

This was all terribly cliché, even for me, and I'm a walking cliché.

The rain suddenly hit harder against the fiberglass window of the restauraunt. I almost feel sorry for which ever poor soul should happen to have the sour luck of being caught out in it... almost. It was almost two a.m. there shouldnt be too many people out at this time of night.

The weahter outside almost always seems to reflect my mood when I go on my nightly walks. On this night it just so happened to be cold, gloomy, restless, pissed off... the list of negatives could go on for an eternity, or at least until there were no more in any language ever spoken.

I have found recently that this world has finally taken its toll on me, and it was hard to rattle one such as myself. I was tired of it all. Every morning I would wake up to find that the news was full of mortals killing, raping, pilaging, and fighting over which ever god they may worship. You know, the same old story just in a differnt era. Sure, It was great for business down below, but it still urked me.

The creator, mother, created this place to be a paradise. Then with one bite of a harmless little fruit (thanks to yours truly) paradise was lost, as the author so delicately put it, and human cizilization as you know it began. I was always the type to challenge authority, however when I did so I was cast down into the depths of a cold darkness, never allowed to re-enter the pearly gates.

Mortals on the other hand, were still allowed to live in the world she created for them, and their souls return to heaven when their lives have ended. (That is if they deem fit for the reward of that particular utopia.) I never had that option, and I was the first of her creations, supposildy her favorite!

This failed ant-farm of creation should have been over eons ago, but She continues to let them run rampant. What was the point of it all!?

Yes, I'm bitter.

Suddenly there was a loud crash of thunder outside. Car alarms rang up and down the block and dogs began to howl. In the midst of all the commotion the bell to the dinner chimed, indicating someone had joined me and the lazy waitress. A mess of a being sloshed into the seat one away from my own at the bar. I look over at the mortal just as they are pulling off their coat, which is dark and heavy from the rain.

The creature before me literally takes my breath away.

Soaked to the bone, the mess of a girl wrings out her long dark hair onto the floor. She flings the mess of waves and braids over her shoulder and lookes at me smiling sheepishly. Her dark eye makeup had began to run, but inly enough to where it made her look that much more exotic. Her gorgeous green eyes sparkle at me underneath her long dark lashes. They are hypnotizing, and i find it hard to tear my own eyes away from hers. She is the first to look away however, obviously looking for someone to serve her. I take the chance to take in the rest of her.

Her wet blue jeans are dark and cling to her long, shapely legs like second skin, flaring out only at the bottoms to cover her sandaled feet. The white tank top she wears has turned sheer with the moisture showing a floral black and pink bra that heald in her ample bossom. Her pale skin also still slick with moisture catches the light giving her a healthy glow. Her hair, that of it's color was lost to me for it was also still wet and im sure much darker that it should have been, trailed down her back almost to the seat in which she sat on.

When I made it back to her face she was looking at me again and I manage to catch the blush that crept upon her cheeks. She looked away taking an intrest in the pattern on the counter top. I smirked.

So, not all humans are so bad.

The waitress finally seems to remember she is at work and walkes idley over to the girl, smacking her gum loudly in the process. The girl looks up at her and smiles.

"What'll it be sweety?" The waitress asks in an accent very uncommon for the city.

The girl thinks a moment biting the nail on her index finger, "Tea..." She finally says after a moment, "Hot!" The waitress nodds and turns.

The girl stares back at the counter and rubs her hands over her tonned arms creating heat from the friction.

I wish I had a jacket to offer her.

The waitress promptly returns with a teabag and a steaming much of water. She sets it infront of the shivering girl. She nodds and mumbles a thank you.

The waitress then reaches behind her and grabs the pot of coffee off the warmer. She looks at me, "You want sommore?"

I nod, "Sure thats fine." I slide my cup to her. I swear as she tops off my coffee the black liquid looks like tar flowing into my mug. She sits the pot down and walks back to her end of the bar.

I take a sip of the putrid drink out of courtesy and try my bet not to gag. The disgust on my face much have been apprent, for the goddess mext to me laughs.

I glance over at the girl who is now sipping delicately on her tea, but still smiling. She's stopped shivering now, and I can tell that her hair is some dark shade of burgundy.

"And just what is so funny?" I ask as smooth and casual as possible.

She sets her mug down and looks over at me smiling, then back down at her mug. She takes the tea bag out and sets it on her napkin.

"You never get coffee here... espically at this hour." She picks up about six or seven packs of sugar out of the caddy between us, flicks them a few times then ripps off the ends and pours them all into her tea, "I mean, it has the consistancy of pancake syrup, and the flavor of motor oil..." She snickers and stirs her tea with her index finger. She then promptly pops the finger in her mouth suckin the excess liquid off.

This small innocent action of course catches my attention, for I am a creature of sin after all. MmMm... those lips. Perfect for kissing, perfect for...

She says something to me which interupts my thoughts. probably for the best to because, well, you know.

I blink, "Pardon?"

She looks at me oddly then repeats herself, "Kinda late and wet to be out, is it not?" She takes a sip of her tea.

"It's very late." I answer and look at the clock above the kitchen window, "well, early now..." I watch her carefully, "and why should one such as your self be out at such a hour?"

She looks over at me and smiles, which she seems to do a lot.

"Work..." She sighs.

I raise an eyebrow. Work? Surley she's not...

She must have caught my face because she spoke again quickly, "Not that kinda work!" Her eyes are wide, "I'm a bartender not too far from here."

"Ahh..." I nod

"Well?" She takes another sip of tea, "What about you?"

"What about me?" I ask

"Why are you out so late?"

"I was bored." I say simply as I push the offending mug of coffee away from me.

"Bored!?" She scoffs.

I nodd, "Yeah, I had nothing better to do."

She laughs, "Why here though!? I mean surley you could have found something to do this late in this massive city."

"Why is that so hard to believe?"

"Well," She started thoughfully, "You dont strike me as the loner type."

"People annoy me..." I made it sound a bit harsher than I initially had meant it to, and of course she took it offendendly.

"Oh," She saud biting her lip, "Sorry for bothering you." She made a move to get up but i reflexively grabbed her shoulder, and immedately regreted it.

Her skin was soft, but still cool from the rain. Inside though was liquid fire. it was not the blood that pumped though her veins, or the meat and tissure that formed the perfect creature, but something differnt. Something I've never felt before. A energy that felt like it was exploding and imploding at the same time.

It ran from where my han touched her shoulder, up my arm and through my entire body. It made the brief moment I had ahold of her seem like an eternity. Goosebumps ran over my body and my vision was filled with starbursts.

I ripped my hand away from her and fell back into cold hard reality. She didn't even seem to notice my sudden change, for she laughed.

"Nice to know I'm not annoying you." She said sitting back down in the seat next to mine and picking an imaginary peice of lint off her pants.

I didn't answer. Had she not felt anything at all? I look at my hand, there was nothing there, yet I feel as if I had been burned. My whole body pulsed with engery, no, not my body, my being. The thing that was trapped inside of this shell of meat and bone that i wear to disguise what I really am.

She touches my hand again to get my attention, and burning that had began to ebb, returned. It wasn't pain, it felt... Good... It was something indescribable that I hadn't felt since I first fell.

I looked into her gorgeous green eyes. They were still the same emerald, however, there was something there I hadn't noticed, and probably only noticed because she was closer to me now. Something behind them, that not even she knew was there. I had seen a similar energy in a saint, however this was completly differnt. This was both good and evil. She was a shell, just like the rest of us that walk the Earth. However, she has a soul... and the free will that goes with it. What the hell!?

"Hey are you okay!?" She asks.

I nodd suspecting that my voice would betray my answer.

"Are you sure you don't need some water or something, you look a little flushed." She asked taking my hand into hers and squeezing.

Herr concern for the welfare of a stranger was touching, maybe she was some kind of new age saint, well future saint. As far as I can tell, she has never performed a miracle, unless you want to call rendering the Devil speechless a miricale.

"No, I'm fine." She still looks as if she dosn't quite believe me. I put on my best fake smile, "I promise, I'm okay."

She pulls her hand away from mine and the cold returns. I want to touch her again. I want her to burn me, make me feel like I am where I belong.

She looked like she was about to say something, but a repetative chiming noise interrupts her. She stretches across the stool and pulls a small silver cellphone out of the pocket of her coat.

"Da?" She answers, I notice, in Russian.

I of course could not hear the voice on the other end of the phone, but i could tell from this side of the conversation that it has something to do with her not being home yet and where she was at.

I am immedately jealous. Who wants her at home. I suppose she has a lover there waiting for her... not a problem for me. I take what I want. I had a feeling however, that I would be in for a challenge trying to get what I wanted out of her... What was it I wanted though? Sex? No, well, yes, but thats not all I wanted from her. I am confused as to why i feel the need to protect her, and make sure no one else gets to her. Why would anyone else be after her though?

She hangs up the phone and sighs.

"Well I guess I need to be going" She turns and looks outside, "The rain's let up."

"It was nice chatting with you." I try not to sound too disappointed as she gets up and puts back on her black pea coat.

"You too..." She buttons the bottom two buttons. I don't want her to go. I think of anything I can do to make her stay, but I can come up with absoutley nothing. She throws her hood over her head and a feel colder now that I can no longer see her eyes.

"Hopefully wwe can talk again sometime" She says grabbing her bag and throwing it over her shoulder.

I nod, hopefully very soon. She walks to the door then turns and smiles at me, "Thanks for the tea!" She turns before I can say anything further and walks out the door.

I blink then realize that she didn't pay her tab. That little nymph! I chuckle. Yes, I knew I would be seeing her again very soon. I had to, I was infatuated, maybe even so far as addicted.

I lie six dollars down on the counter. No since bothering the waitress.

I stand up placing my hands in my pockets walk to the door stepping out and into the night. The air is crisp, fresh. I look up into the sky and notice there's not a single cloud. I smirk, typical.