THell Hath No Furry….

Chapter 3

he major drawback of taking human form was that I was susceptible to the things that all other mortals were vulnerable to; Death, illness, injury, and, yes, even hangovers. At this moment, I wish I hadn't taken the decorator's advice with just the simple window blinds. The same type of blackout curtains that I implemented in my home would have been fucking wonderful here in my office.
I hear the door open and then close quietly. I wished I had remembered to lock the door. With my back turned facing the back wall of my office, I don't know for sure who just came in, but I can probably bet my existence that it's my assistant Lillith. She is the only one brave enough to face me this early in the day and definitely the only one tenacious enough to present me with paperwork which is slammed onto my desk.
I turn around and regard her carefully. She stands there with her hands on her hips giving me a look that could kill. I chuckle low and lean back in my over size, leather office chair, "I take it you are displeased with me?"
I can see her jaw clenching and unclenching. She just stands there as if she's trying to think of the exact right thing to say. It usually isn't hard for Lil to come up with something coy to get me all worked up, she must be really mad. I'm about to ask her again what I did to upset her when she finally speaks.
"Damnit Cifer, I don't know why the hell I stick around here and help you run this place. I don't' get paid nearly enough to do my and your jobs at the same time. I don't know what the fuck has gotten into you lately, but you need to snap out of it or I'm out of here! You can run this dump on your own." She said without taking a single breath.
Wow, she is mad. Lillith is usually very poised. Definitely the classiest of my minions, but she has a temper that can rival mine. Usually I wouldn't let her talk to me like that. It wouldn't be good for my image, but we are alone, and honestly, I know that I deserve it.
Lillith gets away with a lot, only because her and I have so much in common. She is an original just like me. Built from a mold that was later deemed too willful, and she was cast out, just like me. Granted she didn't start a war and try to take over heaven, but she probably would have given the chance. After her Exile from Eden she wandered into hell and I took her under my wing (no pun intended).

She is the most reliable subject that I have, which is who I allow her to run my main asset here on earth. I have little investments here and there, but this club is my primary focus. Trust me its not for the money either, I somehow manage to have plenty of that. I keep the club up because it's the best source of information.

I sigh and pull the paperwork closer to my and open the folder. She sits down in one of the chairs across from me.

"Well?" She says firmly.

"Well what?" I ask innocently.

She looks astonished and blinks at me before her dark brows furrow together again, "What the fuck is wrong with you!? I barely see you here anymore and when I do it's because you were too drunk to make it back all the way to your house on the upper side."

I shrug, "I don't know how it's any different than before… " I say casually initialing some papers without really reading over them. I trust Lillith not to run this place into the ground, I never pay too much attention to what she puts in front of me.

"You have got to be kidding…" She huffs and crosses her arms.

I ignore her and continue signing the papers and placed in front of me. It is a smart move on her part not to press the subject any further. Honestly, I don't know what I would have said to her even if she continued to press me for answers.

How do you tell someone who respects you for being the ruthless leader of hell that some mysterious girl, whom you've met once, has so completely taken over your life that thinking strait is no longer an option.

I've done everything to find her. It's like she never existed in the first place. I know that I didn't imagine our encounter. I made damn sure by asking the waitress at the diner. In fact, that waitress and I have actually had several long conversations since that night. I go there often around the time that I first met the girl hoping that she'll come in there again.

I've gone to every bar in a five-mile radius of the area to see if she works there. No one seem to know her, or at least the claim not to. I keep worrying that something happened to her that night. I should have offered to walk her home. I swear, if I find out something happened to her, I'll kill who ever was the cause of it and send them strait to hell so I can torture them for the rest of eternity. No, I don't hold grudges…Ha-ha.

Damnit, I have to find her!

I slam the folder of paperwork shut and I see Lillith jump a little at the sudden noise. I stand up quickly. My chair rolls and hits the wall with a soft thud.

"What are you doing?" She asks confused.

"I'm going out..." I confirm.

"Of course you are." She says gathering up the paperwork in her arms and stuffing it neatly back into the folder, "Just one thing before you go though?"

I turn and look at her just as I'm reaching for the doorknob, "Yes?" I say only slightly annoyed.

"I'm going to hire an assistant. I already have someone in mind. With you not around as much anymore I've been twice as busy and I need someone who can take my load off a little bit." She says

I nod, "I trust you." I confirm, and with that I leave her standing in the office alone. I take the back way out of the building, out the service entrance and into the back alley.

I step out into the street and just start walking. I don't even take note to any sort of direction. I hope to myself that my divine instinct some how leads me to the girl… Pryze.

I sigh and stuff my hands into the pockets of my jacket. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The once unshakeable "Bright Morning Star" conquered by a little mortal girl… and what's worse, she doesn't even know!

Sure, there have been other lovers in the past, but they came and went. I never had time for such trivial ideals as companionship. The same hold true even now. However, this girl, who ever she is, has done something to me, and I have to figure out what. The touch, still send shivers up my spine. Like sticking one's finger in a light socket, only this was much more pleasurable. I've never encountered anything like it. I can only imaging what it would be like if it were more than just a mere brush of her hand against my arm.

I groan.

The sun is setting and traffic is heavier this afternoon than normal. It's Friday I suppose. I never keep track anyways, I don't see the point when existence is eternal.

The backdrop of twilight over the high rises and skyscrapers gives a chimerical image to the eyes, it reminds me of home… my true home that is. Sometimes this place isn't so bad. It's nicer than the only other alternative for me. Walking in a strait line eventually leads me to a small park in a slightly sub-par area of town. I have no clue at this point how long I had been wandering. There are still kids running around here and there with backpacks and school uniforms on. I make my way to a bench that looks out towards the block of connecting condos that runs up and down the street on one side. I sit with a heavy sigh. People pass me blindly continuing on with whatever they are in a hurry to take care of.

I rest my head on the back of the bench and close my eyes. The fresher air in this part of town has helped with the hangover slightly and I feel a little better.

My thoughts come back to the object of my constant obsession. Finding her is the only way to restore me to myself, but in a city of over a million it's almost impossible to find one girl. I should just give up, actually. It's really quite pointless to keep this whole thing up. I mean, how do I know she's so special. Sure over the centuries I've had constant interaction with all types of mortals, but how do I know she's so special. I mean maybe I should broaden my search. I mean if it's anything, she's probably a descendant of some grigori who couldn't keep it in their pants. I try to disassociate myself with their types anyways… I mean their standards have always been quite low anyways.

No, that's not it at all though. I would know if she was part Angeline. She would stink like an angel.

I growl in frustration…

"Wow, so it's come to you sleeping on park benches, hu? Guess the night club isn't doing so hot?" My thoughts are interrupted by a familiar voice.

I open one eye to see someone I could go another million years without seeing.

"Oh, it's you…" I say nonchalantly. It's Raphael, one of the higher archs.

"Is that anyway to great a brother?" He says sitting down.

"Sure, have a seat, I was just leaving." I say as I start to rise.

"Oh, c'mon don't be a brat." He says laughing, "It's not like I was looking for you anyways."

I sigh and reclaim my seat only leaving a few more inches between us, "What do you want?" I ask not making eye contact.

He shrugs his massive shoulders. If he were human, he would probably be a linebacker or a pro wrestler. Most of the higher archs were built like that, except for me.

"I don't want anything. I just happened to be in the area and I wanted to say hello." He looks around eyeing some kids walking past us and then returns his attention back to me, "What are you doing all the way out here?"

"I went for a walk." I say shortly.

"Geeze you're grouchy... " He laughs, "You can't still be mad about that whole ear thing."

I snarl, "No, thank you. My hearing is just fine."

When I originally raged my war, Raphael was there to blow that fucking horn in my ear, leaving my partially deaf in my right ear. I would never let him know that though.

He laughs, "Well that's good."

There's a moment of silence before I realize something, "What are you doing here." Mother is particularly protective of her archs, and doesn't let them out often unless there's a reason. She's afraid, I suppose, they'll get a taste of what its like to be free and not go home. It's happened quite a few times to the lesser choirs. I'm the only fallen arch… so far.

"I already told you, I just happened to be passing-"

I cut him short, "You know exactly what I mean when I ask you why you're here. Don't play the idiot, leave that for Michael, he's good at it."

Raphael laughs again, "I'm surprised you don't already know, I mean it's why you're in this part of town too isn't it?"

I look at him questioningly, "What? What are you talking about? I just ended up here…"

"Oh," He thinks for a moment, "well, I don't think I should tell you then. It wouldn't really benefit the cause, you know?" he starts to get up and I grab his wrist. There's a crackle of energy between us. I'm ready to send him back to mother at any moment.

"You can't do this here Cifer." He states slowly.

"Tell me why you're here angel." I make sure the word angel comes out as derogatory, as if it were an insult.

"I'm here on business…"

"What kind of business?" I say though clenched teeth. My grip on his wrist tightens, but I know he cannot feel any pain, it's more of a warning than anything. My patience is running thin.

"I'm looking for someone." He finally says.

"Looking for someone… Did mom loose another angel?"

He smiles dangerously, "No, I've been sent to find Elijah."

"Elijah? That old loon, what could you possibly want with-" I stop. Elijah, he who is to be 'sent before the great and terrible day of the lord', he who is to precede the messiah, "No…" I say disbelievingly.

Raphael smiles, "I didn't think you'd like my answer."

"You have got to be kidding me?" I stand up so as to be face to face with him.

"Afraid not brother. He's popped up again, apparently searching some of the lower class areas for any potentials. Hope you've been keeping track of your army, I think you're going to need all the help you can get." He says smugly

I swallow hard. This was a shock. The beginning of the end? Of all the times…

"So, if you hear anything you'll be sure to let me know?" Raphael says.

I snarl, the messiah? Well, if they get a messiah then I get a beast…

"It's been nice talking to you…" I say turning on my heel and begin my trek back to the club. I have to get busy I've been slacking. This time I have to win, I will win, regardless of what every pre-determined fate mother thinks she has set out for the end of times. I cram my hands in my pockets and pick up my pace.

"Always a pleasure." I hear Raphael yell after me.

Fucking angles… Always have to get in the last word…