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Okay, I just wanted to thank everyone again for all the wonderful messages and encouragement that you've sent me during the making of this story. I didn't think it would actually be as big of a hit as it was, and thank you all for reading it!

Tomorrow, I will try and get the new chapter of the Part 2 story up. The adventures with Travis and Emily continue after a deal that Travis makes with her father in order to marry her. Dillon Austin will also have a side story, and there will be appearances of both old and new characters. Travis finds himself not only the head of a rapidly growing casino, but also the mediator of multiple problems with his staff and patrons.

Not to mention a little old lady who keeps thinking he's trying to mug her and has him arrested by accident throughout the story. :D

Poker Cards and Engagement Rings

To marry Emily, Travis must fulfill a deal made with her father. Someone starts to sabotage Travis' business,

and Emily takes a break from work to help out. Not only does his have the quirks of the casino, but his attempts at proposing end up interrupted.


"Come in."

The elder woman gave Travis an encouraging look before opening the door. Everyone in the household staff knew why Travis was there, and they all knew the significance of the event. Travis closed the door behind him, and turned to face the father of Emily Sykes.

Will's hair was gray slightly at the temples, making him look more intimidating. He regarded Travis with an amused look, "Hello, Travis."

"Hello, sir," Travis made himself walk away from the door, although standing in the middle of the study made him feel more exposed and vulnerable.

"Have a seat."

He sat in the leather chair in front of the desk.

"So," Will leaned back in his chair, "What can I do for you today?"

Travis was silent a minute, and then said, "I'm here to ask your permission to marry Emily."

Will's eyebrows shot up in the air. He was prepared for this, but it was still a surprise. Travis Jamison was a good, honorable man, and Will liked him. There was always something rough about his personality, but Will valued the blunt honesty with it. No doubt came forward about Travis' suitability for Emily.

He was still young, however, and so was Emily. Will knew that Travis was also in high demand by multiple companies. Although it was obvious that the young man was bright and had a wide future ahead, Will still felt uneasy.

"You're twenty-two, Travis."

Travis shrugged. So what? There was nothing he could do about it, or that fact that he was madly in love with Emily.

"What would you do if I said no?"

His heart skipped a beat for a second, "The opinion of her family matters a lot to her," Travis said, "I...I suppose if you had a particular reservation, I could work on it. I don't think I could ever pull Emily away for her family, though."

Will gathered the implication of that statement. If he said no, Travis would leave. It would have broken Emily's heart, but Travis wasn't going to make her chose between himself or her family.

With a ghost of a smile on his face, Will leaned over towards the drawer of his desk, and pulled out a file.

"Have you accepted any jobs offers yet?"

"None, but I have a lot coming in," Travis frowned. What was this about?

"How are your poker skills?"


The huge binder was stuffed with papers. It was old and frayed, some parts were taped with clear packaging tape. This particular case had been a thorn in Will's side for the better part of a decade. It was a property that had been in the family for generations.

Red Lily Casino.

"I'll make you a deal, Travis," Will said, "If you take this job, you'll be paid a salary suitable for someone of your skill, have full benefits, and be given full authority over the happenings of this place. At one time, it was one of the top-rated tourist sites in the country. With the economy and faulty management, it's slipped through the cracks. The walls are literally falling down."

Travis looked confused.

"I'll give you five years," Will continued, "Five years to make it the top casino in the country again. If you can do that, I'll give you my blessing."

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