Underground Society
Prologue: Introductions

Shortly after the year 2000, people began to panic. Concern harbored about global warming, lack of oil and water, the Apocalypse, and other concerns. Some were valid and some were irrational, dreamed up by religious fanatics, who in their determined pursuit of holiness believed them to be the truth. There were two types of people in the world. The people who lived in fear, trying to do their best to prepare themselves from any kind of possible tragedy the Earth might face. The others were totally oblivious, living their lives like nothing was ever going to go wrong, like everything was normal. Nobody ever thought what they had to fear wasn't even from the Earth itself, it was from beyond. People never believed they'd actually use the phrase "the sky is falling," in a serious situation, but they did.
The invaders came from the sky, but unlike the movies, we were more ready then expected. The first spaceship that cut into the atmosphere bore more resemblance to a human rocket then the traditional made up flying saucers. It was a pale yellow, comparable to the color of a new smoker's teeth, after a few weeks with the habit. It penetrated the clouds above the United States of America, and the first two fighter jets to respond engaged it. Two old F-14 Tomcats intercepted the unindentifed aircraft and let loose with a combination of AIM-54 Phoenix, AIM-7 Sparrow, and AIM-9 Sidewinder anti-aircraft missles. The first few missles exploded a few feet away from the spacecraft as it deployed some kind of plasma field. The next few hit it dead on, and although damage was visible, the aircraft stayed in the air. That was when it fired it's own missles back. The two Tomcats flew swooping patterns, and the spacecraft let loose with two somewhat large missles. They had heatseeking technology and so both pilots activated their flares, causing the missles to follow the flare, and then meander off, detonating down below.
The next set of missles was deployed, and one pilot laughed as if though it were a joke. There was about twelve missles in total, all extremely small, and the pilot continued laughing until his aircraft was caught by the missles, and his plane flared bright, then was a pile of ash. Their was no grand explosion, just a bright flash of intensely burning flames, and then in the plane's place was only ash. The second pilot though was quicker and had seen where the missles came from, and let loose with his gattling gun, tearing through the section of the aircraft that had let loose the missles. He was quick and had let off another four Sidewinders, two hitting already damaged parts. The spacecraft exploded and the debris fell to the land below.

"Base One this is Tommy One. Unidentifed spacecraft is down, over."
"Roger Tommy One, return too... behind you Tommy One!" the base operator replied and as the pilot went to turn his plane, a silver streak of light barrelled into his plane, causing the sky to light up with yet another explosion. The silver streak was actually a suicide plane, one of many as they later found out. It was by this time the President of the United States knew it was not another country attacking, no human had come up with such superior technology. He ordered all of his army into action, but by then he was already fighting a losing battle, as the sky was filled with various different spacecrafts. U.S. fighter jets were being blown to shreds, as the planes made their descent. For all his intelligence, the President could not figure out why there were so many different types of planes.
"The sky is falling, as you can see right here beside me, the remains of an American jetfighter. The President has issued an emergency to which he says "There is no evacuation, we fight or we die." Yet still many citizens are even now trying to flee New York, for hopes that they will be able to get across the Canadian border. This is Daryll Crow from CNN reporting live from New York, until I get killed by one of these bastards." It was like this on every television station across the globe. For once in the history of humanity every single leader of every important country now met, via the internet and all discussed their options. The Russian Prime Minister suggested they might use nuclear weapons, but to that the President of the United States said "I will not, no matter the circumstances use nuclear weapons. For their may be, no matter how slim a chance that some humans may escape, hide, survive. If we let ourselves nuke the planet, then we obliterate our home, our people, and our hope. Let us pray to whatever gods, to whatever higher powers we believe in, that some of us make it out of this mess alive." They agreed with him, and the President would have no idea how prophetic his words would later become. He made the same speech on live television, and the decided to broadcast the whole meeting as well.
It was almost three quarters of an hour later when two ships touched down in front of the White House, and the President made no move to flee. If someone was going to stand up to them, it would be him. He shook as he stood out front of the house, knowing his death was ineminent. Two different creatures stepped out of their respective ships. One a tall humanoid creature, with a head resembling a purple octopus, and the other resembling a canine, but one that stood on two legs. He realized what had happened, no one alien race itself would take over Earth, but many who had all come together under one alliance would. He thought sadly for a moment about how badly they had been doomed by the start, as they could not even get all the people of their own race to stand together until it was too late. The humanoid stepped towards the president, some kind of gun like weapon in his hand.
"Who are you, and what do you want with our planet?" the President said, not letting his voice falter once.
"It is no longer your planet, lucky for you, you will not be around to see that," it said, and the President quickly pulled a glock out of his pocket, emptying the clip into the dog-like creature, catching it unawares. It fell to the ground, dieing, and the President was then blasted by the remaining aliens gun, his chest exploding from the inside, spraying gouts of blood everywhere. The President had died satisfied knowing he had taken out at least one alien with him, satisfied that he had seen it suffer right before he had died. The humanoid who had been splattered in blood took no notice of this, and walked forward into The White House, it's eyes ever focused and never wavering.
It took just over a month for the various alien groups to fight off the human resistance and in this time no nuclear weapons were ever used. They were all disarmed and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean, so that the enemy would not obtain them. It took just under three months for the invaders to destroy humans completely, or so they thought. They seemed to have no understanding of the "underground", and when humans found this out, the remaining thousands of them hoarded what they could and sealed off most of the entrances. Almost all of the human population had been slaughtered in a quarter of a year, and now the only hope was that they would live forever underground, that the aliens would leave the planet, or that they might one day retake the planet. Either way they all worshipped the former President of the United States, for he was the real hero in all of this. For without him there would have had been no hope, had been no earth, and humans would have ceased to exist. He was their god, and they worshipped him, if only to keep some semblance of their former lives. 2015 was a year that many thought would never come, and when it did none thought would bring with it a whole new definition for the word destruction.