My fellow poets

get free condoms from school eat ice-cream outside.

find as many best friends as you can!
laser tag, is always a good idea.

dance, to the strange songs, because no one will know.

cookies should only be eaten, with other people.

a bowl smoked with company,
will always be better then a bowl smoked alone.

eat cold things fast, and hot things slow.

the sky is different every night,
depending on who you watch it with.

winter is for sex, summer for is blow jobs.
sing out loud, at all times.

dance alone. shower in the middle of the day.
brush your teeth, after every meal.
so you can kiss, anyone you find.

big pretzels, are worth the walk.
slushes are served, all year round, at the 7-11.

cover your favorite things in stickers,
draw on yourself and others.

speak softly in the face of new company.
always find someone to drink the milk,
leftover from your cereal.

make love; often
smoke pot; in the percents of good company
make friends; daily
watch TV; rarely
read books; at all times
dance; for every occasion