Chapter 2: Understanding

The dining hall was packed with many wizards in training. Amenia was shy, so she found a nice spot by herself at a table in the corner. She pulled out her seat, then sat down in the wooden chair, watching all the other wizards talking and eating around her. She didn't like the loud noise, but tried to drown it out the best she could.

Amenia took out her silent wand and conjured up some bread to eat. Her wand had a small light blue sapphire engraved on it. Blue is her favorite color, like the glyphs she has on her body. They represented understanding, which she was a very understanding erudite. She is never rude, mean, heartless or anything like that. She looked deep in her mind, to find the truth, to understand the world around her, her magic and even her enemies. It was her gift. She smiled as she sat there, eating her delicious bread, and she also had a vanilla cupcake too.

Just as Amenia picked up her cupcake, a fellow erudian wizard comes up to her and greets her.

"Greetings!" Said the male erudite.

Amenia just nods at him, fumbling her cupcake in her hands. The erudite was very attractive, wearing wizard robes, and carrying a staff on his back. His skin was silver, shining from the sunlight. His glyphs were hot pink, they marked the symbols of compassion and love.

"How do you do?" He said.

"I am well." Amenia said shyly, munching on her cupcake.

"My name is Deleju, what are you doing here all by yourself may I ask?"

"Well uh..." She paused for a moment, finishing off her cupcake.

"I don't really, know anybody here." She said.

"I see." Deleju smiled.

"You know me now, what's your name?" He asked.

"Amenia." She stated.

"That's a beautiful name, just like your glyph markings." He said

Amenia just blushed, trying to look away, but fascinated by his charm, looks and his glyphs. Deleju placed several crystals on the table, six of them in all. Each one a different color; green, blue, orange, pink, yellow and red.

"Would you like to play a game?" He asked.

Amenia just stared at the pretty crystals lined up in front of her, not knowing how to reply back to him. They shimmered in the sunlight, it made her feel bright inside.

"Sure, I guess." She said.

"Each crystal has a magic item in it, pick the right one, it's yours, pick the wrong one, you get nothing." Deleju said, grinning big.

Amenia laid her hands on the table and concentrated on each crystal, she didn't know exactly why he would give her a magic item, maybe as a present, or a gift out of affection? She closed her eyes... Her hands glided on top of each crystal, then finally landing on the green one at the end of the line on the right. She opened her eyes, then picked up the green crystal.

"The emerald..." Deleju stated.

"What did I get?" She asked politely.

Deleju reached into his bag and pulled out a blue book. He placed it on the table, the slid it over to her.

"An enchanted book, for you." He said.

Amenia took it, holding it against her chest. She just looked at Deleju, entranced, as he walked away out of the dining hall. Her heart was beating fast, her blue glyphs were glimmering more then usual. What was it that she was feeling? As nervous as she was, she didn't want to pass up this opportunity, to something she's always thought of. Compassion, dreams, love, and longing for someone to be with. She placed the book and her wand in her bag then followed Deleju out to the courtyard, where many wizards began to gather.

A broom stick race was being held. Amenia stood at the back against the castle wall, just watching the erudites come and go. She was very nervous in large crowds, just stood out and observed the going ons. She saw Deleju in the crowd, looking confident and talking to the other wizards. She wanted to go talk to him, but was too afraid. But, in her heart, she wanted to follow it, she wanted to open up and show her magic to the world. Maybe then, she would get some magic in return...