Chapter 4: Tournament Duel

The crowd of the tournament had all left back into the castle. Amenia, Deleju and the gnome sorcerer were left out in the courtyard. The broom and wand were lying on the ground, waiting to be picked up. Deleju placed a hand on Amenia's shoulder.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"No, I feel strange." Amenia said, looking at her blue book.

"What do you feel?"


They both looked up at the gnome who was across from them in the middle of the courtyard. He was the one that made Amenia's broom go crazy, but... why?

"Did you have a nice fall?" The gnome cackled.

"Who are you!" Deleju shouted.

"I am Gaehem, sorcerer of darkness!"

A chill went both both erudites spines. Amenia knew something was wrong about this place, well, not the place itself, but something that had come there. That darkness, hidden inside the gnomes heart and mind, was pure. Fear was struck into Amenia's heart, as she looked for comfort towards Deleju. She grasped his hand without even knowing and started to shake. Deleju held her, pulling her in closer.

"I won't let anything happen to you Amenia. Do you still have that book?" He asked.

"Yes." She pulled it out of her bag.

"That enchanted book will help boost your magic to fight against him." Deleju said.

Amenia gasped then looked towards him...

"What? I can't..." Deleju placed a hand on the enchanted book. A feeling of warmth and comfort raptured her, compassion and love, filling her heart.

"The only way to stop the darkness, is with light. Your fire spell." Deleju nodded at her.

Amenia couldn't help but smile, then she opened the book. Ancient words were scribed into it, in the tongue of erudian. She could understand them all perfectly. Deleju also handed her a golden mystic token.

"What's this?" She asked.

"A token of friendship, if you have a familiar to help you, then the magic will become even more powerful. A familiar is like a magical assistant, usually in the form of an animal of some kind."

Amenia looked up at the gnome for a moment. He looked like he was casting some sort of spell. They could hear faint words coming from him. The ground started to rumble and shake. The gnome shined bright green, the grass and the leaves of the trees trees around levitated in the air. They spun in circles around and around in front of the gnome. Gaehem was radiating with energy from nature!

The grass, leaves and magic formed into a beautiful nature elemental. Its limbs and body made of magical grass, leaves surrounded it creating a flowing green dress, and also hair. It took a feminine form, like a queen of nature. She was larger then the gnome and even slightly taller then the erudites. Her hands clutched into fists, the clumps of grass like massive balls. Sharp grass formed on her forehead like the horn of a unicorn, she was ready to fight now.

Amenia quickly opened her enchanted book, as she began to cast her fire spell. Just as she picked up her wand, a small mouse sneaked by, startling her a bit. With fast understanding reflex, she took out her friendship token and raised it at the mouse, controlling it as her first ever familiar! The mouse glowed gold and came up to Amenia. She bent down reaching out her hand, as it crawled up her arm, then resting on her shoulder. Her glyphs on her body glimmered with magic. Deleju's compassion was also helpful, giving her confidence in herself.

The nature elemental was rushing towards her, feet stomping hard on the ground, picking up clumps of grass with her feet, giving her more momentum. Amenia channeled the magic from her enchanted book into the silent wand. A large fireball burst out of her aura directed at the elemental. It hit her head on, catching her leaf dress of fire. For a moment she stood there struggling to break free of the fire, then eventually the leaves all burnt off, falling all around her into ashes.

Deleju backed up to give Amenia some space to cast out another fireball. She figured fire would work best on a nature elemental, so she just stuck with it. The nature queen was angry, parts of her grass body all burnt and brown.

Amenia was breathing funny, her energy was getting weak, she had already used up a lot of magic with the race and fighting that garden bat earlier. She fumbled the wand then dropped it, just as the elemental closed in on her. It was too late, she thought she could pull off another fireball to weaken it more. Amenia bent down to pick up her wand, just as a large clump fist of grass swung over her head. She grabbed her wand, but another clump of grass came at her from below. One mega punch plowed her, sending her flying backwards into Deleju's arms. Deleju held his ground and managed to catch her, the mouse also still on her shoulder, gripping tight.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"My energy is low... help me..." She said, worried.

"Hang on." Deleju looked up, and peered at the elemental, which was looming in on them again..

Deleju was wearing a blue ring, a ring of haste to make the flow of mana run faster. He gave it to Amenia, putting it on her finger. She felt a sudden breeze of energy rush inside of her.


The enchanted book opened again in her arms, as she cast out another fireball at the elemental. It flew in the air, a waking trailing of flames behind it. It struck the elemental in the face, causing it to stumble backwards a bit, covering her face with her clumped grass fists. Amenia walked forward, having enough energy to throw another fireball at the wretched nature queen. Again, she ignited another fireball from her wand, this time blowing up on the elementals chest, singeing her grass body. The gnome Gaehem in the back is stunned, yelling at his summoned creature to get up and fight.

"Get up, get up, get up!!" He yelled.

Amenia just laughed at his pathetic creation, then finished it off with another large fireball. The elemental just lay there on the ground, burning to pieces of dead grass and leaves. Gaehem's mouth dropped as he just stared at the pile of burning grass and leaves.

"What have you done!" He shouted.

"We don't need any evil at our academy, now get out of here before we call the Grand Wizard!" Deleju shouted back.

The ragged imp gnome just ran off in tears, leaving the wizard academy then vanishing back into the streets Erudin. Amenia comes up beside Deleju.

"What was that all about?" She asked.

"I don't know Amenia, but something isn't right about that gnome." Said Deleju.

"All I wanted was to train in the art of magic without any interference." Amenia lowered her head.

"Hey..." Deleju glanced at her. "He's gone now, if he comes back I will deal with him myself."

"Thank you." She said, looking up at Deleju.

Something dark had come to the academy ever since that gnome had appeared, and now the whole wizard academy was in panic of the dark energies that had entered their home. Deleju seemed to be the most powerful wizard in the academy, and along side with Amenia, both of them would rid the darkness of Gaehem and restore the arcane magic of the Erudin magic wizard academy!