Walk to the sink. Walk to the toilet. Walk to the sink. Walk to the toilet. Back and forth. Forth and back. I hated pacing, but it was he only thing to do in my tiny bathroom.

Oh god, how did I get into this situation? Oh yeah, a stupid dare.

I don't know why I even considered doing that ridiculous dare. Well, actually, I do know why. It's because Tanya Jenkins dared me to do it. Normally, I would think more logically about a dare, weigh the good and bad points out, and see what the outcome might be like.

But it was all because Tanya dared me. I've hated Tanya ever since my life began ... or at least when I first met her anyway! She'd always been a bitch to me, trying to steal my friends, embarrass me in front of the guys I liked, ruined my work in class.

"I dare you to sleep with seven boys by the time the weeks out!" Her voice rang through my ears like a bad nightmare.

Now that I've had time to catch my breath and really think about the situation I've now put myself in. And I hurt every single one of those boys.

Derek Samuels.

Sam Carling.

Johnny Stineburg.

Frances O'Neill.

Harry Conners.

Danny Taylor.

But that's only six names of the boys I have hurt during the last few days. They're only the boys that I have just hurt. The last boy, it hurts to even think his name. But I have to admit it to myself, before I can get any further in my life. Carter Ferrell. My best friend.

It wasn't as hard to be with the other guys; I didn't know them all that personally. But with Carter, it was different, and so much sweeter and nicer. But it still doesn't make the situation I'm in now any better.

Back and forth; forth and back. I still haven't stopped pacing. Looking down at my watch, I realised seven minutes had passed.

I took in a deep breath, before looking at the small white appliance on the lid of the toilet.

Holy Shit!