by Jullie Midnight


Isn't spring
Such a beautiful, colourful thing?
The perfect season for us to dance and sing!

I feel free
Under a tree.
Watching the petals being blown up to the sky,
See the birds that fly
To heaven.
And wonder why, oh why,
Can't I also fly?

I smell
The fragrance that's spread through the air.
And I can't tell
If it's true or am I dreaming?

Out of the blue,
I turn to you.
Grabbing your hand,
I stand up and say:
"Take me to a faraway

Oh, bring the scent of spring
So that I can once again sing:
"Oh, what a wonderful thing!"

You dance on a hill
With me?
Run and hear the shrill cry of the flying birds
'Til we feel
That we can sing
"Oh, what a wonderful, colourful spring!"...

I pray you bring
My spring!