A window unto heaven

With its curtains drawn.

That nocturnal sun casting

Its silver light over the

Unseen creatures of the world.

That snow white face

With veil draped over her nose,

Looks down on us poor wretches,

So dim and lonely,

From her lofty seat.

Look! Her veil is pulled back

And she presents to us a smile

To light our way and to

Warm our hearts during

These black hours.

Her beauty stirs to life

That which is dead

By the light of day.

Her eyes see the things

Hidden from mere mortal me.

She is queen of slumber

And duchess of our dreams.

She rules the heavens

Attended to by sparks of brilliance

In a black marble palace.

Farewell sweet princess!

Show to me once more your smile

As I drift off to your realm.

O, but if my body were not so weary,

For I will miss your beauty in sleep.