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Seth fucking cheated.

You want to know how I know? He beat me.

No, not like physically. I think.

I mean on the game. I don't know what he did, but he won, and it's pissing me off, big time.

It was one of those martial arts games. Like Mortal Combat. Ever played?

The woman with the white hair that hit people was the awesomest. And yes, that's a word. Even if I have to write it in the dictionary myself.

In pen. Yeah, I just went there. Pen.

But yeah, back to the main point. Seth's a cheater.

I never even knew he was so good at video games, though I suppose being able to work at your gaming skills for a little less than sixty years, might make you bit of a professional.

But still.

He didn't even have a Playstation when I got here! Of course, I did everything I could to change that. Which mainly consisted of asking him to get one.

Well, not a Playstation, considering the only game I would play on it would be Spyro, and there are a lot more games than that for the PS2. Which I hope you know, you obsessively obsessed Spyro fans you.

Other than the games, nothing much changed. Not even the fact that I've been withholding sex.

Yes, it's mean, and he hates it, but that's the point. To piss him off until I get my way.

Of course, it'd probably help if he knew what I wanted.

But then again, I did make it obvious.

I told him I wouldn't have sex with him unless he let me go see Blue.

And don't think I'm some sort of prude jerk off or something. All he had to do was say yes. To that specific question.

But yeah, I about started freaking out when he beat me. Horribly. I was going out of my fucking mind about how a noob could be me so easily.

It's been about three weeks since the last Greggy Incident.

Two weeks since I've been denying him sex.

And, well, for the last fourteen days, I've been horny as hell, so one last reason to think of me as a jack ass, since I'm suffering too.

And I still haven't had a meltdown with the whole 'I'm mated to a demon' thing. Go me.

All that time, and it only took me a little while to find his weak point.


And no, I'm not saying I cheated, and did things to him in his sleep again.

Originally, he was pretty against getting the actual games for the playstation. Said they rot the mind, and that I really didn't need that. Bitch.

Around that time, I found out two things.

One, is that I can seduce him.

Two, I can be seductive.

I'm just that fucking awesome. Seriously.

"Hey Seth?" I called out from my spot on the couch. We'd rearranged one of the rooms he didn't need for a game room. Other than the bedroom, it was the room I stayed in the most.

"Yes?" He answered from behind me, since I was sort of sitting/laying back on him. Very comfy.

"You changed your mind yet?" I asked, hearing him sigh in my ear. Heh. It tickled.

"About what?"

"You know." I turned around to look at him with my most innocent smile, and he cocked an eyebrow. Before you say anything, I do, in fact, have an innocent smile. It's a knock off of my I-want-something-and-I-know-I'm-going-to-get-it smile.

"Know what?" He was going to play dumb now, was he? Well, I could too.


Wrong situation.


Seduction time.

"If I told you, would you say yes?" Lets see if he'll play dumb this time.

"Probably not, but what is it?"

"Can we go see Blue?" Oh god, I think I actually almost made myself cry on accident with the sad look I was giving him. I think it helped a little.

"No." Fucker.

I pressed against him a bit, and it wasn't long before he got that glint in his eye. Oh yeah, he wants me.

I'd do my little evil laugh in my mind, but lately, it makes me think of ugly old men, and I really don't want to think of those kinds of things when I'm trying to think about sex. I hope it's obvious as to why.

"Please?" Eventually, I hope I won't have to beg to get some of the things I want. Get him tied around my finger, that kind of thing.

That would make me even awesomer.

But really, it took me like, five seconds to figure out his weak spot was sex. Arousal and puppy dog looks do wonders.

Arousal for him, I mean. Straddling and throwing my arms around his neck helps.

Fuck, made myself a little horny. Easily remedied, promise.

I turned around completely, to where I was straddling him, and would you look at that, his hands where already on my hips.

"Well?" I pressed up against him, nuzzling into his neck.

"Hm?" He answered, which pretty much told me that whatever I was doing was working. I was turning his brain to mush, and that was just the way I wanted it.

"I won't tell her, if that's what you're worried about," I let off a little, and looked him in the eye.

"What…?" Oh, wow, I think I've sexually deprived him more than I thought I had.

Telling Blue was the main problem, apparently. He said that he couldn't have other's knowing about what he really was.

To his credit, he was brave enough to keep singing the same tune when I told him that he told me for absolutely no reason other than that he wanted to fuck me.

"I told you, it's too risky." Seth seemed to have remembered what it was that I was trying to trick him in to agreeing to.

"Oh come on, don't you trust me?"

With the look he was giving me, I was betting on a no.

And I couldn't even get pissed at that. After what I did with what I now call the Greggy incidents, I had to deal with consequences. Which mainly consisted of him not letting me out of bed for a while, and having to deal with a lot of bite marks.

I'm still trying to figure out if he was trying to punish me or what.

And you know, in never did find out what happened to Greggy. Didn't even ask what Seth did to him, especially after he told me that Greggy wouldn't be bothering us ever again.

"What do you think is going to happen, I'll tell her, and she'll try to kill you or something? Besides, if she told anyone, no one would believe her." Especially after they found out what kind of brother she had. Or at least met me and realized I might not be completely sane. Or smart.

Yes, I'm talking farmers and crop circles.

And if you put that together before I even mentioned the words crop circles, then, well, I don't know. Wow.

"I just can't let you go, especially alone."

Wait wait wait.

"What makes you think I'd be going alone?" I stared at him, and he stared back. While I stared at him.

"I…" He trailed off, sounding confused, "I thought you wanted to go see her alone."

I shook my head quickly, all thoughts of sex not quite forgotten. Just kind of tucked away for later thinkings of. You know, like a paper in a stack that you have raised out a little so you know where it is.

Or the same situation, except for the fact that you didn't do it on purpose, so now it's just bugging you because it's not organized, but you're too lazy to do anything about.

I'm amazed at myself, really.

"I always meant for you to come with me." You know, meet the psychotic family, have sex while they're in the next room and not knowing of the going ons, or even know that the man is even my gay lover. Dad would kill me.

"No." Seth said suddenly. Well, not all that suddenly, but still. "I'm sorry, but no."

Okay, now I was seriously starting to get pissed. He had no right!

I'm going." I stated, but Seth shook his head.

"No." Just cause he said no a few times, doesn't mean I'll actually start listening.

"What makes you think you can keep me here, you plan on tying me up or something?" I asked, a little hoping he might start thinking of a little bondage.

Nothing too bad, just a little stuff with handcuffs.

I told you, the page is just sticking out, begging to be either put back in place, or taken out completely.

"You wouldn't." He said, skeptically.

"For all that we've been together, do you actually think I wouldn't just hitch a ride back to Florida?" Here's hoping that I wouldn't have to resort to becoming a gay lot lizard.

I mean, only ten percent of the population is gay, right?

Now, how many do you think are gay and/or perverted truck drivers?

Seth sighed, which caught immediately caught my attention. "Let me think about it."

"You said that a while ago." It's true, I remember.

"When?" Disbelief. Fucker.

"In the bathtub." Right around the time I gave my virginity to him. Day after, actually.

I saw Seth thinking, his eyebrows scrunching together as he thought. It was kind of cute.

Must. Not. Poke.


Heh. He glared.

But back to my original plan. I needed to further it.

And by further, I mean getting him really sexually excited.

I wonder if he'd ever realize that the reason I hadn't been in the 'mood' was because I was punishing him.

And myself, but details details.

Back to the furthering of my diabolically evil plan.

Yeah, you remember my diabolically evil genius like persona.

Fuck, concentrate.

Did you know… that apparently, sex does something to endorphins, blah blah blah, basically a pain reliever. Seth knows. Headache excuses don't work.

I looked it up, too.

Okay, really, concentrate.

I pressed up against Seth as he continued to think, and I felt him tense underneath me.

I gave him a kiss, before backing up for what I was hoping the last time, before biting my lip.

"Please?" Seth looked lost, but I could tell he was excited. I'm psychic that way.

Actually, I could tell ever since I said bathtub. I had a feeling he was thinking of the second time I ever sucked him. And the first one he can remember me actually doing.

Seth shook his head, but it was slow, like he wasn't sure if it was what he wanted to do. I was ready for this. Really.

I kissed him harder this time, running a hand down his chest, and tugged his shirt out of his pants. His eagerness was rising, when he swiped his tongue across my lip. But I couldn't give it up that easily, could I?

I kept my mouth closed, until he moved upwards, making me shiver. I just… had to… get him more aroused…

He didn't wait before his tongue was moving against mine, and his grip was tightening on my hips, trying to pull me closer.

God he tasted good.

Like… I don't know what like. Sweet, even though he doesn't eat a lot of candy or things with sugar. Hell, I have a hard time just to get him to eat ice cream. Freak.

I got him to once, yesterday. Fucker only ate a little bit before I had to take it from him because it was starting to piss me off. He didn't even argue when I started to eat it myself.

But yeah, he tasted good.


Like his…

I'm stopping that train of thought right there before I go too far.

"Jay…" Seth all but groaned into my ear when I broke the kiss, going to touch his chest underneath his shirt.

He likes it, definitely.

"Think about it yet?" I managed to get out when I had to take a breath. Before he answered, I kissed him hard, before leaning back.

He looked confused.

"Is that a yes?" My hands trailed down his stomach, messing with his belt buckle, before going even lower and gripping him through his pants.

"Fuck, yes."


Ha, and he probably doesn't even know what he agreed to.

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