Crash and Burnt

Chapter 5

"Emily we have over a half hour left, is there nothing you wish to talk about?"

Sure, how about your apparent lack of style? Or maybe your sons inability to mind his own god damn business? Possibly even why your secretary is almost bigger than her desk? It doesn't much matter to me chum, i'm the damaged one here. My thought were begging to seep out but i bit my tongue and restrained.

Daniel let out a long sigh "Did you meet any nice people at school today?" i gave him a quizzical look.

"One person." This news made him sit upright in his chair.

"What class do you two have together?"

I squirmed under his intense gaze "Social."

"I never did fancy social when I was your age." I didn't say anything. "Did you talk to this person much today?" he ran a hand through his thinning grey's when I didn't respond. "Alright Emily i'm just going to give it to you straight."

Now I was confused, was he giving it to me curved before?

"These sessions are never going to work the way we have them set up presently. You are much to stubborn and merely talking out your issues wont cut it." he was insulting me...was he even allowed to do that?

I narrowed my eyes. "Meaning?"

"Meaning we are going to do things untraditionally." I defiantly didn't enjoy the sound of that. "On Thursday you will meet me downs stairs in the parkade. As for the rest of todays meeting, you may leave if you wish there is nothing more your going to discuss. That much is clear."

He wasn't going to have to offer twice. I grabbed my purse and stood from the couch. As I walked out of the room I couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to be forced to participate in on Thursday.


Sitting at the dinning table i pushed my food around my plate.

"Emily quiet playing with it and put it in your mouth." The snapping of my Aunts words made me even less hungry.

"I'm not exactly hungry." I grumbled.

She slammed her fork down. "You have barely eaten a damn pea Emily. You will not become anorexic on my watch. You are already terribly thin, and the doctors told you if you loose anymore wait you will be hospitalized again." Her words were true, except I wasn't anorexic.

"I'm just not feeling well."

"Your going to sit here until half of that is gone missy."

I didn't bother to comment, there was no use fighting with her. I shoved a few pieces of the chicken pie into my mouth and chewed.

"Im going out with a friend tonight, your curfew still applies." This didn't matter and my aunt knew it. I hadn't been out of the house aside from walks, school and my shrinks.

I shrugged "Ok."

After dinner I went to my room and grabbed my laptop,logging onto my email to find my inbox was loaded with un-read messages. I would read them sometime...maybe.

The morning came with the images of more smashed metal. Deciding not to

dwell on it i grabbed a pair of pants and a sweatshirt and changed quickly. When I steeped outside after eating a granola bar i was greeted with the sight of a shiny blue BMW.

"Thought you may want a ride. Feel free to say no, but i warn you im just going to drive beside you anyway."

I considered walking away I really did...but came to the conclusion it would be much more embarrassing to have a car drive beside me.

"Don't make this a habit Chase." i said sliding into the car

He pulled out of the driveway and i instantly clenched the seat "I wont...if you take your meds."

"That is none of your concern." he had no right to go there.

"Maybe not, but I don't want to be worrying about your hip problem."

I glared at him. "It isn't a problem. Its more of an inconvenience."

"Call it what you want, i'm just telling you if you don't take them i'll be driving you."

"Did your dad put you up to this?" I was thoroughly annoyed now.

Chase scoffed. "Hardly. I doubt he even knows your not taking them. He told me to do the opposite actually, he wants me to leave you alone."

I opened my mouth to say something else, but no words came. What did he mean this. Why would his dad care if he talked to me? The drive was quick, and I was extremely grateful or that. After he pulled into the parking spot I quickly grabbed the door and pushed it open, not bothering to say thank you. Why say something that i didn't mean?

When I got into social my eyes wandered to find Zander. He was sitting in his seat and staring at his notebook. I slid into the seat next to his, wanting to talk. I must have been crazy, I hadn't want to talk to anyone since the accident. I ignored my minds thoughts and gave an unsure smile at him.

"What are you working on?"

He turned and gave me a blank stare "Nothing. Were you wanting something" I shook my head...what was i thinking? He didn't want to talk to me. Just because he was nice to the new kid on her first day didn't mean he wanted to be my best friend.

"" I hadn't noticed that more people had crowded into the room. Everyone seemed to be clumped into small groups

Zander was staring at me expectantly. "Ya?"

"Class take a seat and open your text book to page 176, its notes day. PLease hold in your enthusiasm."

I heard Zander snort. "Im not so sure thats possible Mr. Bev."

"Are you searching for a detention after school Mr. Kincaid, because all you have to do is ask son."

"That depends, if your going to be talking to your wife on the phone again id rather not. My ears were abused enough last time." A giggle erupted in the class, but i didn't bother to lookup let alone smile. Zander was mad at me that much was clear...but what had I done?

At lunch I went to my locker to grab my novel and passed Zander on my way to the bleachers.

"Hi." I called

He raised an eyebrow at me but didn't bother to stop. What was with the guys in this place? Just when you thought you figured one of them out, the did something you didn't expect. I was right when i had first come. I should just keep to my self and not try to make friends.


I was twenty minutes from the house after school, when the sign indicating a smoothy bar grabbed my attention. Annoyed that i could be so easily swayed by an advertisement, I turned down the street and headed for 'fruity flavors'. When I got inside it was at all as i had thought it would be. There was no tacky furniture or hideous paintings from garage sales, but a neat well decorated area. There was red leather couches which clashed well with the deep purple and blues of the walls, and multiple beanbag chairs in the corner. The counter had ten stools all covered with a mahogany colored material.

It reminded me way too much of the local cafe back home. It was rare for me not to visit the cafe everyday, and I couldn't count how much money I had spent on teas. My friends and I would sit there for hours talking about everything under the sun.

"Can I help you?" The guy at the counter looked to be around my age, if not older. He had dyed black hair, which made his eyes seem over exaggerated, or maybe it was just the heavy eyeliner. But the look suited him.

I blushed. "Sorry, i'm not sure what i'm ordering yet" I hadn't even looked at the selection and I had been standing in there for at least fifteen minutes.

His dark blue eyes didn't waver from mine. "You're new around here aren't you?"

I just nodded and continued to search for a flavor.

"The names Hex." the name was suiting.

"Emily." A strange dark expression washed over his face, identical to the one Zander had gotten when I had said the same thing earlier. I wasn't aware Emily was that horrible of a name.

"Why are you here little Emily?" his words seemed cold

Before i could say anything an older women came barreling around the corner. "Hector! Do you mind not scarring the poor girl?" she gave him a glare. "Excuse my boys manners." she gave a smile that seemed surprisingly genuine.

"If Z could actually get his ass here on time for once in his life, I may have a life and not be so rude."

The women turned to him with a look that would have had any four year old peeing in his pants. "Watch your tone mister or you wont have to worry about seeing that beautiful sun again." she turned back to me. "Im sorry sweet heart, what can I get for you?"

I took a moment to remember. "The orange mango please." I pulled out my wallet and handed her the bill.

Shaking her head she placed the bill back in the counter. "Its on the house dear."

"Really, I don't mind paying." I said trying to hand the bill over again.

"Well then you can pay next time, hows that?"

The lady's happy demeanor was contagious and I couldn't help but let a smile form.

"Thank you."

Hector...or Hex handed me my drink and I went to take a seat on the couch. It would be best to get my homework done now, then I could go to bed when I got home.

I had finished my algebra and was working on the first of my social questions when the slam of the front door made me jump slightly.

"It's about time dude. I had plans this afternoon and they didn't consist of dragging my ass around this place."

Hex sounded furious but when I turned to look at him behind the counter he had a smile plastered to his face. There was a blond hair guy with his back towards me around his hight standing at the counter. I turned back to face my text book, not wanting to seem nosey, but as soon as I heard the laugh of the blond guy I whipped back around.

"Sorry bro I needed a few things." It was most defiantly him.

"Zander?" I slapped my hand over my mouth, but it was too late he had already started to turn.

He stared confused at me for a minute. "What are you doing here?" why had I opened my mouth?


"Emily wanted an orange mango smoothy, did you cutie." I was shocked at Hex's words, and i had nothing to say to that. Thankfully Zander spoke up for me.

"Don't call her that." It wasn't exactly what I had thought he was going to say.

Hex's confused face turned to amusement. "She's the one you texted me about?"

Zander had texted someone about me?

"Shut up Hex." the authority Zander had over him shocked me slightly.

I picked up my bag and placed my books inside "I should go." I muttered, standing and heading to the door.

Before I reached it Zander was there holding it open and he followed me outside.

"Ya sure dude just leave me here. See if I cover another shift for you!" Hex yelled after us.

Zander grabbed my shoulder. It was harmless jester but my shoulder took that moment to spasm at the touch.

"Are you ok? I didn't know, i'm sorry." I held back the tears of pain that were threatening to spill.

"No it's fine, its nothing." I didn't turn though, wanting to make sure that no tears would fall.

"Look i'm sorry for school today, I was an ass."

His words were surprising. I hadn't expected him to apologies...actually I hadn't even been sure he knew he was being rude.

"I said I was fine." my voice came out harsh, even to my owen ears.

"But you aren't are you?"

I turned to face him. "I thought you didn't want to talk to me."

"I was pissed about you asking Chase for a ride ok? Call be childish, I know."

"He offered and i couldn't decline...but why would you care? It's only a ride."

"Dude you better get your ass in here or moms gonna have your balls." I looked over Zanders shoulder to see hex hanging out the door. He smiled and wiggled his fingers at me.

"My brother...ignore his vulgarity. We'll talk about this tomorrow at lunch."

"If you'll talk to me." I smiled so he knew I was only kidding.

Zander laughed. "I'm going to talk your ears off. I wont be offended if you bring ear plugs." hr called over his broad shoulder.

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