Written for my Angel, my Moon, my everything.

The moonlight shines bright above

Basking us in its soft silver glow,

Its touch almost like silk to me

A feeling I have come to know


I rest my chin upon your shoulder

Whilst I embrace you from behind,

Our peace long everlasting

As our love slowly intertwines


There is darkness all around us

But we welcome it anew,

The dark we see through clearly

A trait so few can do


Accentuating the splendour

The moon glows on and on,

Your face smiles alight

In which radiance shines upon


My eyes take in your beauty

Your smile, your inner grace

My heart swells up with love

Love that sets my hearts own pace


I whisper into your ear

Few short meaningful words

I love you angel, forever I shall

As I know my heart is always yours


Forever isn't just a word to me

Eternally it will be a promise

I will always, always be here for you

So please let our love stay and prolong this


You are my angel

You are my heart

I will never leave you

Not even 'death can do us part'

''Even the fairest of roses have the sharpest of thorns''