Written with nothing in mind except to pass time. A poem written in a maths class, how ironic. I don't like this poem, but I figured why no post it.

We all dream of Angels

It is the way we all must be

But Earth cannot support us,

So it erupts in acid fury


The people fled earth

The angels from the heavens,

It was the solace of life,

Which broke the cycle now uneven


Not many of us know this

But a minority of us stayed,

Left alone in this darkness,

As the memories of our past fade


Our screams of passion

Their grunts of pain,

The throes of heroes

All die away in vain


The ecstasy of Heaven

The agony of Hell

All of us suffered,

As nature's humanity fell


But then there was love

Such a joyous delight we praised

Basking in its sweet caress,

As the hurt snuck upon its prey


And prey on us it did

Death hung around us like Bluebells,

Yet we were all left with the thin thread of hope --

After all,

We all dream of Angels.

''Hope can be inspired to anyone who is willing to succumb to its lullaby''