you said I met your mom came into the Dollar Store yesterday while I was working and I acted like a hyped up hippie

apparently she came the day I closed. and I, as usual,
was doing something monotonous to pass time.
(I was painting my fingernails.)

and rather than identify herself as your mother,
she asked me (as cute as a button I hear),
why it was I was painting my nails.
All different color.

and I answered, I'm sure looking like a hyped up little hippie
"There are too many pretty colors, I couldn't pick which one."

and apparently! all your mom had to do was tell you there was a girl behind the register painting her nails all different colors,
for you to guffaw madly and say:
"yeah, that was (blank)!"

And that's very not fair! It was a dirty tick! and I'm docking you points for it!