A few months ago, I had to write a fable for school…I'd appreciate some feedback that's NOT from my teacher, thanks.

Yes, the bit at the end WAS on my homework…Surprisingly, he was fine with it.

Little red riding hood and Little blue riding hood

By Mird

Once upon a time there was an old grandma named Betty. She had two granddaughters named little red riding hood and little blue riding hood. They were both very nice little girls; so nice, in fact, that grandma Betty wouldn't even consider picking a favorite of the two.

Now, Grandma Betty was not as young as she used to be. She had a large amount of money in the bank that she knew she would never have enough time to spend.

"Who should I give it to?" Grandma Betty muttered to herself. "Little red, or little blue?"

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't decide. She spent all day and all night thinking, and finally decided to come up with a contest.

"Come here, little red and little blue." She said the next time they came to visit. "I have a contest to decide which of you will inherit the family fortune."

Grandma Betty took out two plates and continued talking. "In my old age, I still have a sweet tooth. Whichever of you brings me the best sweets will win the contest."

Little red and little blue looked at each other, both determined to win. "Yes granny." They said in unison.

Later that day, little red and little blue went to the marketplace in town. "I will get granny the very best sweets ever!" Little blue said.

She went into a candy store and looked around. There were fine chocolates from all over the world, but they were much too expensive. She would only be able to buy one piece. Little blue looked at the small amount of money in her hand, and imagined the pile doubling, then doubling again. "I will have so much money when I win this contest!" She said. "When I win, I will buy more candy."

She bought baskets and baskets of cheap candy and walked out the door.

Later, her sister walked in and looked around the store, then down at the money in her hand, then back up at the displays of expensive foreign chocolate. She walked up to counter and, without a word, purchased a single piece.

The next day, little red and little blue walked through the woods together to Grandma Betty's house. Little blue was carrying seven baskets, each filled to the brim with candy, which slowed her down considerably.

They strode briskly through the door of the little cottage and set their baskets down on the table. Grandma Betty looked at them over the top of her reading glasses.

"My my, little blue. I think I will die if I eat all this." She reached out and took a single piece of candy, removed the wrapper, and took a bite.

She made a face. "Disgusting!" She exclaimed, before moving on to little red's basket.

She reached out and took a single piece of candy, removed the wrapper, and took a bite. Her face lit up. "Oh my." She said. "Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. That is delicious! The most marvelous chocolate I've ever tasted! We have a winner!"

Moral: Quality is more important than quantity

Fable 2:

Mird looked at the computer screen and read over the fable that she had just typed. "Oh my." She said. "Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. I think I missed the point..."

Moral: Do not attempt to write a fable when you don't have any ideas and are craving chocolate