The pitch black of the storm breaks every few seconds with flashes of lightning to give view to the rooftop field of this particular battle. How long they've been there, not too sure, but neither one ready to give up and both with points to his working wing around his front, Nuova grunts in pain as the claws slash through the leather hide, drawing blood.

Tired from the fight, mouth hoarse from attempt after attempt of fire breathing, he keeps pushing on, determined not to quit until his body gives out. 'Batman wouldn't quit.' being his only thought to keep him on his wings, Nuova charges a wave of heat and pushes outward, evaporating the rain drops falling from the overhead storm. He succeeds in pushing them away and drying himself, but the latter is to no avail as a freash coat of water drenches rises from Nuvoas skin as he glares at the person causing him to crouch in pain, the one who broke rule number one in their deal. His own flesh and blood. Coughing in pain, he asks, "Why Skudd?"

Working his tounge around his mouth, being careful of his oversized teeth, Skudd spits out a combination of spit and acid. A sly grin stretches his face as he watches a small hole being eaten away. When he speaks, his voice drips with the same acid"Why? Why the FUCK NOT!?"Jogging forward, Skudd slams his fist upward into his brothers jaw, sending Nuvoa up and onto his over his prone body, Skudd digs a clawed foot into his brothers chest, grinding against the scales struggling to protect their owner."We spend all this time following you and you stupid fucking comic books. 'We can save the world.' 'We can protect this city, they'll accept us.' Bullshit, after bullshit, after BULLSHIT!"

Gripping his brother by the throat, Skudd lifts him up to his feet. "Get up, you're a disgrace to Dante."

At that name, Nuovas eyes light up and he reacts with several swift shots to Skudds midsection, catching the poison beast off guard until he swings around and wraps his tail around the fire users neck cutting off the flow of blood to the dragon.

Pulling his brother in close, Skudd places his forehead gently against his brothers, feeling the coarseness of their scales. His gaseous breath against Nuova's hot gasps as he speaks with gentle reasoning. "I don't kow why you're doing this, you know.

"They won't care. You can save as many ladies from purse snatchers as you want. Thwart as many bank robberies as you see fit. At the end of the day, you're nothing more than a beast viewing the world through a pair of whiskey colored glassses. You need to understand, just as I do, to get the reaction you desire, you need to go where they won't."

Uncurling his tail, Skudd drops Nuova to the rain soaked floor. His voice low enough to show no anger, just resolution. "That's why I killed them. That bitch you wanted and her child. We're destined to follow our paths together, alone."

His brothers last few words, echo in his mind as memories of the bloodbath that led them to the roofs flash behind his eyes. Lunging forward, Nuova forces a jet stream of fire from his gullet, barely hitting Skudd as he just sidesteps out of the way. His flames rendered useless from the storm just as his body from the fight he struggles to get up, uttering the same three words.

"I'll kill you!"

"I'll kill you!"

"I'll kill you!"


Standing on the ledge, Skudd looks down upon his brother. He places the rift between them in stone with his last backwards, Skudd falls off the ledge and into the night, leaving his brother alone for the first time since creation.

His last words echoing in the fire dragons mind.

"Funny thing is, you won't."