(Two days ago)

Adrenaline surging through his bloodstream. Nuova drops onto the couch to watch the news reports. "Think they'll mention us Skudd? I mean, we only stopped a group of baddies from robbing the bank. Think of the lives we saved from a hostage situation."

Walking through the front door of the cramped apartment, Skudd looks with slight disgust as his brother pulls a bottle from underneath his spot and chugs it down. Forcing a grin, he crosses the three step gap and takes a seat at the other end of the couch. "I'm sure they'll have a live feed soon, it's not even Six yet."

Soon enough the Paradigm News broadcast starts up. An attractive red head standing in front of the bank.
'Live at Paradigm National Bank, an attempted robbery was foiled today by what some witnesses are calling 'Human Lizards'.'

The screen flashes to a young child. 'They looked like lizard men. One of them had wings THIIIS big. He was nice to me. And the other, the other one had a reeeeaaaallly long tail. I didn't like that one, no, no.

Suddenly a older woman, gray hair slighlty disheveled. 'Wretched creatures, one of them nearly set my hair on fire. I'm thankful for them stopping those crooks, but I wouldn't want to see them again.'

And finally, a preacher. 'Foul demons! No more room in the foul depths of HALE so they start to flood the earth. There'll be more I tell you! Soon they will show their true colors and bring about Armageddon!'

Growling, Skudd grabs the remote and turns the tv off. "Fucking humans." He stands up and grabs his coat, heading for the door.

Slightly confused, Nuova looks to his brother. "At least the little girl liked me."

Stopping in the doorway, Skudd turns his head slightly to him, "That's all that matters. I'm going out, you'll hear from me soon enough."