Realm of Hearts

Chapter 1: Sorrow

The forests of Faydark are home to all the elves, a place of goodness and light. Veuvia has led a long peaceful life of bliss and harmony and could no imagine life any different. But, something in her heart told her that nothing would last forever. Soon, her light would fade away, and shadows would take its place...

Veuvia's home was deep within the forests of Faydark, her hometown, Felwithe. She wore white robes and carried with her a squire's bow, made with magic purple vine and twig. Beside her, as she trails through the forest, was a pure white dove flying above, her guiding light. Veuvia's golden blond hair was wrapped around the top of her head, looking like a dove's nest, while two curly locks of hair flow in front of her pointy elven ears.

She was out gathering wild berries to bring back home, rushing from berry bush to berry bush, taking all that she could hold in her woven basket. Her dove sometimes liked to nest in her soft hair and sing to her while she felt any sense of sorrow, or loneliness. Today was especially a sad day. The loss of her parents in the war against the shadow elves was devastating to her, and all she wanted was her light back. She was alone in the world now, most of the other light elves didn't know her, she didn't care because she couldn't bare to lose anyone else she cared about.

Berries fell from a tree, as Veuvia shot an arrow into it with her bow. She caught them all, but one, that dropped in the grass, splattering a little purple juice at the base of the tree and on her boots. She knelt down and wiped off her boot.

The forest was too quiet, the dove in her hair was now asleep. Veuvia sat there at the base of the tree and just pondered, her mind drifting away. She couldn't help but start to tear, her heart was broken and her light was shattered. All that she had left was her dove and her abilities.

A tear rolled down her cheek, dripping onto her knee, it shined as it fell, like a diamond in a waterfall... Sorrow swept over her. All she wanted was to have something, have someone by her side. Her light was fading fast, but what could she do?

A voice was suddenly heard in the midst of the forest. Lyrics, spoken by a male light elf. His voice, soothing, touching, breathless. Veuvia was desperate to find who it was coming from, her sorrow and light mixing together, re-birthing a broken passion in her soul.

Your the light of my life, your the world I dream of. Your the one I've been searching for, dreaming of, longing for. My soulmate, my one true love... I hope it never ends, I hope it last forever, I want to be with you through everything, I want to share everything I have. My light shines bright when you are near, my heart beats faster when your here, I smile every time I see your face. I can't believe I found you, I can't believe I found you, I finally found you, I finally found you...

Veuvia hid behind a tree, as she saw a beautiful light elf, reciting a poem he had written. He was wearing nothing but white cloth pants. His hair, ruby red, parted to one side, his eyes golden like her own hair. His body was slender, yet his chest showed subtle muscle curves.

She waited, waited for the perfect time to introduce herself. Take that one chance, that would change her life and let her true light shine out to the world...