Ha! Ready to meet my fate. I think not! As soon as I realized that DB had left me alone outside, I lifted the skirt of my dress and took off in the other direction, giggling madly as I did. My mother always taught me proper etiquette involved not acting like a madwoman, but I was on a mission. That mission just happened to be the one that involved escaping my kidnappers. I'm sure that she would understand. Though I had no idea in the slightest where I was going, I figured that any place I headed was better than being sold into servantry or whatever it was they were going to do with me. My face turned to horror as I thought of such things as them going... under my underclothes.

"So long, Dragon-Breath!" I whisper-yelled, not wanting him to hear me as I made my escape. Prince Theodore would be proud of his wife-to-be for thinking so quickly on her feet and scurrying away before she lost something that belonged to him – her sanity.

"Tamora," I froze, hearing the deep voice behind me. "Where do you think you are going?"

I was both appalled and shocked at DB. I was shocked because he was able to catch on to my not-so-evil plan and catch up to me so quickly. I was appalled because he had not referred to me by my title, which was punishable by law. I turned to look at him, opening my mouth to say the words that I hadn't thought of, and then changed my mind and sprinted off in a completely new direction. My dress was held up higher than I thought it would ever go as I ran from DB, and I could hear the sound of his boots on the dirt as he ran after me.

My escape was short-lived, as he tackled me to the ground as soon as he got close enough to do so. I found myself on the ground, squirming to get away from my captor as he sat on top of me. Half of his face was covered by the darkness, half visible by the moonlight. I had to be honest with myself, I was scared but if I wasn't being held captive or if I did not belong to a Prince I would have been very happy that this man was sitting on top of me. I pursed my lips and furrowed my brow, staring up at him with hatred. The least he could have done was knock me into the grass or something.

"I will ask you one more time," he tilted his head to the side, looking serious. "Where do you think you are going?"

"As a Princess of this Kingdom, I am to come and go as I please and owe no explanation to men such as you."

"I thought you might say something like that." With that, he got up, picking me up as he did, and threw me over his right shoulder. My head was spinning and I immediately wished that I was back in the dirt. DB marched me right into the building, which I realized was an inn and was greeted by the sound of applause.

"Hey, you caught her!"

"I told you she'd try to get away."

I couldn't see who said those, but I rolled my eyes at them anyway. It was pretty obvious that anyone would try to escape if they were kidnapped. Especially Princesses. Everyone knows that when you kidnap a Princess, you're in for hell. Not even the good kind either.

"And I told you that I would catch her if she tried." I could hear DB smiling, a stupid look on his face no doubt. Of course he was able to catch a girl whose size he was five times of. Standing, I'm sure that I barely reached his chest. But, as I had learned over the years, men get excited over the most childish of things. DB was no exception.

He sat me down in a chair, giving me a glare that could only mean "stay." Well, I am not a pet of any sort, so his orders meant nothing to me, but for fear of being taken down again, I stayed quiet. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I really couldn't care less. My plan was to stay as quiet as possible until I could figure out when to attempt to get away again. Then my stomach growled. Not just the normal "I'm-hungry-so-feed-me" growl, either; it was a growl that would outgrowl the best wildercats in the business. I was famished.

Apparently, the entire table heard my stomach even over the noise of their chatter. They stared at me, amused yet again by an action of mine. I raised my eyebrows, eyes wide, as they stared at me, awaiting their knives to me pulled and my feet to be taking off out the door. Instead, DB laughed and looked around the table.

"Gentlemen," He sucked in his bottom lip to keep himself from laughing. "Our lady is hungry."

"Oi, put me down you rotten pumpkin!"

Did I just call him a rotten pumpkin? Oh, I suppose I just did. Ha, rotten pumpkin, ha! By him, I'm not quite sure who I mean, because in one moment I was eating a drinking this odd, but at the same time pleasant, tasting liquid and in the next I was being hauled up the stairs. For the past few hours, they just kept giving me drinks and playing games and laughing at everything that came out of my mouth before I even realized I was planning on speaking.

"I was having fun down there," I mumbled sadly. "This is to say a lot, because people who are kidnapped by dragons often haven't the slightest of fun at all!"

I heard a laugh. "You were kidnapped by dragons?"

Ohhh, so it was DB who was holding me! I thought for a moment, wondering if I should tell him that I thought he sounded like a dragon. Apparently, I thought it was a good idea.

"Yes! I think that you sound like a dragon. Your voice is deep and if you roared it would sound very much so like one. Also, your breath is hot like a dragon's as I noticed when you were talking to me. I call you DB."

Oh, he must think I'm a lunatic. I think my mother had some sort of rule about me acting like one. But the words just kept coming and I couldn't stop them. Over the course of the minute or so it took him to locate the room he was heading to I had told him all about Prince Theodore and about the mirror and my tower. I couldn't figure out why I was telling him these things, I just was.

"Would you like to know what I think, Princess?"

I did, actually, but I wasn't about to let him know that. He set me down on something soft, which I assumed was a bed. I tilted my head to the side, waiting for him to continue and very happy that he had called Princess – even though the way he said it was questionable.

"What do you think DB?"

"I..." He paused, obviously thinking over what he was going to say before it came out of his mouth. Something that I wished I could do at the moment. He sighed and said, "I think you're drunk."

"You weren't going to say that!" I accused, standing up from the bed and spinning him around in a circle. "I think you were going to say that I'm beautiful and that you'd very much like to kiss me right now but you didn't. Because you're a chicken."

He raised an eyebrow. "No, I'm pretty sure I wasn't going to say that. You are very, very drunk."

"You know, that makes," I stopped to burp and giggled after I did so. "A lot of sense."

"Oh, why is that?"

"Well, nothing really makes much sense right now and I'm talking quite fast and standing closer to you than I normally would. Oh, and the room is spinning." I chortled as I plopped onto the wood floor, my bottom feeling very much sore from it. I could see DB roll his eyes and he came over to pick me up off of the floor.

"Or," I continued, "You could have given me poison and the feeling I am feeling is not drunkenness but in actuality it is death. Oh no! I spent six hundred days in a castle and now I'm going to die without my stupid Prince! This is a very comfortable bed!" I sat up on my knees and bounced drunkenly on it.

It was then that I understood why I was never allowed to any of the parties that my parents threw at the castle. I would stumble around and act like an idiot, much like my brothers, and crumple back to the child-Tamora and act like a fool. DB, by that point, had become annoyed by my actions and had attempted to get me to sleep.

"Don't touch me, dragon-man!"

DB sighed. "Will you please stop referring to me as a dragon?"

"Well, I haven't much else to call you have I? Other than captor. Captor!" My eyes widened. "You kidnapped me. Have you no shame or self respect? When my parents find out about this-"

"Tamora, shut up!"

"You have no right to refer to me by that name!"

"You have no right to call me Dragon-Breath!"

"Kidnappers don't have rights! Princesses do."

He rolled his eyes at me again and stomped out of the room, coming back moments later with what looked like a nightgown. He threw it at me and it landed on my head, covering my face and most of my long red hair.

"Here, put this on."

I stood up, stumbling slightly as I removed the garment from my face. Without thinking, I began to undo my dress before I realized that DB was still standing in front of me, both eyebrows raised in an expression that looked something like disbelief. I was going to bark at him to turn around, but instead I looked down and threw up all over his boots.

"Oops," I mumbled, and the room went dark.