You want me to open my heart

But it's been a long time since I lost the key

You tell me not to be a stranger

But there's no one in my mind as strange as me

On and on it never ends

You love and hate and I pretend

Together we make a perfect blend

Of nothing at all

You're not the first who's wanted in

But I've been locked out for I don't know how long

It might disturb you but I gave up love

And friends and life and death for one more song

So just hold onto that love you bring

I'd trade it away for anything

For all these things don't mean a thing

To meaningless me

Don't trust those instincts of yours at all

They'll laugh at you and watch you fall

You can't say I've gone up the wall

If I've never been down

You're attracted to a body of false pretenses

Bad ideas, blank dreams and senses

And all I can say in my defense is

I'm a stranger.