Walking into this nostalgic kitchen still puts a smile on my face

Generations of mothers coming together, all with that motherly grace

My belly still aches from the careful crafting of love infused goodies

My heart fills with warmth when I hear the rapid patter of little footies

Sometimes I get fed up with the moodiness of this weather in Illinois

Then it can surprise me with its beauty that arouses a hidden joy

Fat droplets plummet from the sky as my sister and I jump around

Enjoying the moment and the sun that shines, as the rain hits the ground

Sun showers are splendid and joyous occasions, water dancing with the rays

My clothes stick to my skin and my hair dampens quickly but I don't even phase

As we jump, the green spikes of grass surrender to our dominate weight

The water springs up from the ground, clinging to us, like it is spitting at our gait

The lush green surroundings, I'd taken for granted, leave me laughing and astonished

On this Mother's Day, to honor the way, we have been brought up with love that lavished