Special be thanks to Winterlady. Without your eyes and knowlege of the english language this story would just be one long sentence. thanks

Sam – 33 years old

I managed to destroy my relationship of 8 years with Jude through one, stupid, foolish moment of weakness. I cheated on her, for what reason I don't know. I never even knew the woman's name. I wasn't drunk, I was weak. Jude and I didn't have a fight before I went out clubbing with my two closest friends Mazz and Bailey. Our relationship was rock solid, still madly in love. It was a mistake. I was weak.

I didn't just destroy us, but also our two good friends Mazz and Bailey. One who felt she needed to take sides, the other, a true friend who was there for us both. But still it destroyed our happy, harmonious family. There were kids involved, although they are two King Charles Spaniel dogs, they are our kids, they went everywhere with us. It's all gone and I don't know how to get her back.

Jude – 31 years old

I couldn't believe the photo messages that were sent to me. There was my partner, in a corner kissing another woman. But when the second and third pictures came in, their hands in each other's pants, it broke me. It was like some cruel nightmare. This isn't Sam. She would never do this to me. She loves me. She tells me 20 times a day. Our sex life is still fantastic, we still go on dates. We are still in love, or so I thought. How could she do this to us? To me? What did I do wrong? I thought things were alright with us. Perhaps she was drunk, or perhaps this girl was forcing herself, but Sam looked like she was enjoying it, and the fact was that her hand was in this unknown woman's pants. Nothing hurts more than betrayal from a loved one and nobody can deliver swiftly like family. I can't forgive her, I can't trust her. I almost hate her.

Bailey – 32 years old

I met Sam at university while I was studying for my law degree. She was a smart girl that could do any subject and it so happened to be politics at that stage in her life. She was also president of the University Gay & Lesbian group, she was very open and comfortable with her sexuality. Unlike me, I was still unsure and had many discussions with her which lead to me developing a crush on her. I kept that to myself because I was afraid if I told her she would reject me and I would lose her. I settled for being her best friend, someone who she could count on. She had always been there for me, especially when Mazz screwed me over. Sam stepped into our mess and put a stopped to it. She was my rock, she was the type of woman I was searching for. If only I had been the one that caught her that night, it would never have gone as far as it did. I would have dragged her arse home and made her confess it all to Jude. It would have eaten Sam if she couldn't be honest. Jude would have forgiven her a lot sooner and this damage could have been contained. So I've stepped in to try and hold it all together, I just pray Jude can be strong enough to forgive Sam.

Mazz – 32 years old

I remember the time Sam lectured me about cheating on women, how when a woman gives me her love, I have a responsibility to that love. I can't just push it aside, it's a gift that someone has given. She was right, she was always right. I always looked up to Sam and Jude, they had the perfect relationship. Sam said I needed to appreciate women, rather than prey on them. Sam never strayed, she only had eyes for Jude, but that night her and this woman outside doing what she had berated me for, I just wanted to go over there and hit her, scream at her. Instead, without much thought, I took photos and sent them to Jude, I wanted to hurt Sam as must as I was hurting.