I was happy they were back together. Although both Sam and Jude had forgiven me, our relationship was never the same. I never felt the closeness we once shared. I still was invited out with them, but I knew deep down their faith in me was gone.


I guess two things Sam doesn't know about me now. One was the crush I had for her, and two, that I have not forgiven her. I thought if there was one woman who would not falter, who would be faithful and not fall to temptation, it was Sam. I am still proud to be her best friend, but Sam is no longer the pinnacle for me in search for a woman.


I know I will be able to trust Sam one day, if anything she is true to her word. So, while she works on that, I will work on not to take my relationship for granted, to assume that things are ok. I need to work harder, perhaps not all should be on my terms.


I guess even the strongest relationship can be rattled. I will continue to pick up the pieces, and hopefully my relationship with Jude, Bailey and Mazz can be stronger than before.

The end