Maidens light their Beltane torches

And up the hill they chant and sing

'Till they meet Aine at the summit

Rejoicing in Her magick ring.


"Come ye maidens, come with me,

Come with me and have no fear

Step with me into this circle

And see the fairies dancing here!"


The maidens stepped into the circle

Beguiled by the fairies' charms

And the Goddess in her silver girdle

With about her brow a crown of stars.


"I am beloved of man and king

They come forth My hand to claim

But he who forced a love on Me

Was swiftly by My magick slain!"


"Maidens take my warning here,

Listen well ere you depart

Delight the men who claim your hands

But only if they have your hearts!"


The goddess faded from the hill

The maidens in the circle stood

'Till all the silent night was still

And the fairies danced into the wood.


They walked back into the valley

Breathing deep the enchanted air

That blessed Beltane in Knockainy

Where they met the goddess fair.