There once lived a young boy. This boy was named Igor. Igor lived in a house with his father. Their home was made of stone. Igor eagerly wants to go outside. His father says "Igor my son, you are not ready." The boy asks "Why father?" the father replies "You are not a man yet."

All his life Igor always wanted to see the outside world. The father looks at him and says "You must pass three tests." He looks at the boy "To be a man, you must first beat the test of rage." The boy gets excited. He asks "What is that?" "This." The father gets up, grabs Igor by the leg and slams him against the stone floor. The father then pounds the boy with his massive fists. Igor's face was messy. Igor went into a coma for thirty days. When Igor woke up, he looked at his father and says "Did I pass father, did I?" The father smiles "You did not die, therefore you passed." The father was proud.

The father gives a stern look at the boy again and says "Now my son, the second test." Igor is puzzled and says "I'm ready." The father smiles again "The test of tolerance." The father gives the boy a mug. The father explains "This is the mug of eternal mead." "Drink until you black-out." Igor drinks until he can drink no more. The father yells "You must drink!" Igor drinks again and finally passes out. Ten days has passed, Igor wakes up once again. Igor asks excitedly "Did I pass father, did I?" The father smiles once more "You did not die, you have passed." Igor cheers.

The father nods and says "Now my boy, your final test." "This is the test of the house master." Igor tilts his head and says "What is it?" The father says "Come with me." The father brings the boy to a room. This room smelled bad. The smell was a mix of old and fresh. The walls and floor was the color of old leather. The father says "Clean it up, with only your hands." Igor agrees. Two days later, the room is so clean that you could eat from the floor. This pleases the father. The father tells the boy "You have passed all three tests. You can go outside now." Igor was very happy.

Igor put on his hat and opens the door for the first time. Igor goes outside and the first thing he sees is a huge shadow. A shadow so big that covers the horizon. Igor looks up and notices an odd symbol. A word etched below it. The word reads "Reebok." A second later, Igor gets squished. Igor was killed by a giant. Igor did not die as a boy, but a man.