It's just something you have to deal with

It's just something you can't avoid

This void inside of me

Tainted by the sustenance you swore would fill me up

Hungry no longer

This hatred turned to obsession

Can't get you off the brain

Chorus: You're just a necessary evil

My necessary evil

Without it I shake

Seeing you, I quake

You're my necessary evil

*It's tough being genuine, when I genuinely hate you

You colored outside my lines with your calligraphy

It makes you seem beautiful

You rot inside from the lacking practice of your heart

It cries to be used

Sure, it happened in my head

But reality is funny


It looks like the view of your face ain't worth the trouble

Carved out of marble that's unaffordable

Glowing from the lights you fail to change

You're starting to look like a broken record

Why do I keep replaying it in my head?