Crumbling orchestra coughs Mozart's Requiem,
crackling noises sedate stubborn, resounding
vitally wishful resistant hearts.
Choirs tear vocal chords asunder,
air particles tremble mourning concertos;
wild agony cries tearfully duel finale impending.
Audience petrified lingers, clinging to
sinking coffins, their names like blurring
voices fainting in funeral floods whose
name is unnamed to be silenced but
heard, spell-bound, unyielding like
children nodding to Christendom
parents, vacant-eyed nodding to crimson
crevices sputtered away in rolling notations;
my friend sits beside me, I touch her arm-
it's DEAD cold! I lean back in horror
I whisper, her silence resounds
I nudge her- resignedly my love
slumps helplessly down- nearly falling
from balcony- down, almost down that
black void screeching hypnotic tunes
no man nor women dare question in awe.
I set my larynx on fire, screaming, begging
the orchestra to stop, the audience to stand,
crying the bloody piece is unfinished, they
stay, spellbound, critique spared altogether;
I run, legs tripping, sweat pouring in gallons,
light looms ever nearer, I long, breathe
heart pounding in bliss, systems revived
I'm out, out from the haunting requiem,
free from lethal echoing poison
birds sing genial symphonies, resting
safe from Heaven, in comforting trees, warm wind sweeps
sweat from my forehead while I smilingly laugh
knowing the music is dead yet I-
I am alive.