My inspiration for this came from my obsession at the moment, of what I think my family and friends would do if I died. I have written several stories with this type of theme, but not all are posted on here. I hope you enjoy this as much I did bringing it to you. Bye!

I Never Knew

I never would have imagined what people would do, if ever I died. I soon found out though. And found that my death was only the beginning.


I don't remember much about my death. All I remember is driving down a dirt road feeling a little tipsy. I had had only a few beers at Skyler's party, not my usual drink of whiskey. I could still function, so I had jumped into my car to go home.

I know the back roads pretty well, hell I lived on a back road, so I wasn't expecting the curve to be so sharp, so sudden. I had driven down that road about five times a day, so I was going fairly fast. And of course the same ol' story played out. I wasn't watching where I was going, I drove off the road, and I hit a tree.

I don't even remember that happening. I only learned about it, after I read my obituary in the newspaper.

I remember waking up and wondering where I was. I was lying in the woods as the sun crept through the trees. Morning. Which meant that my mom was going to be so pissed that I wasn't home by my 11 o' clock curfew. I groaned and sat up looking around at where I was. I couldn't see my car anywhere so I guessed my friends must have played a trick on me and left me in the woods for no reason, when I had passed out for some reason or another.

I got up and started to walk to an area I saw that was thinner, which might mean a road to get out of there. As I got closer I saw something yellow fluttering in the trees and when I got closer I saw that it was yellow police tape. 'What happened?' I thought. I crept closer until I could see that there were a few scraps of metal lying on the ground but there was nothing else. That was odd. Why would there be police tape around an obvious litter pile?

I didn't stop to think about what it could mean, but continued towards the road I could now see. I looked down the road and saw that I was just a mile away from my home. Then I saw a familiar silver beat-up truck coming down the road. I stood at the side of the road and waved my arms.

"Dave! Dave!" I yelled, trying to get his attention. I knew my neighbor well, maybe a little too well for my mother's taste, but he was a close friend of mine and was probably on his way to work.

He slowed down as he came closer to me and I thought he was going to give me a ride. I moved closer to the slowing truck and it stopped momentarily as he looked at the police tape. He shook his head slightly before revving up his truck and peeling right out of there.

I stared down at the retreating truck bewildered. Why hadn't he allowed me to get in his truck? It was like as if he couldn't see me. Maybe he was playing a trick on me and soon would turn around, pick me up, and laugh at me for the expression on my face. But as I watched he kept going until he rounded the corner and was gone.

'That son of a bitch,' I thought. 'He just left me here even though I was standing right in front of him. What is his problem?'

I decided it was a lost cause, so I crossed the road and started my trek home. It was mostly all uphill but I also walked the road a lot, so it didn't bother me much. I looked up at the trees and saw that some were starting to bud. I continued to walk and my mind started to drift. I thought about Prom that was a week away and my date to it.

I had had a crush on Hugh since freshmen year and I had finally asked him out. He was shocked I can tell you, since I had hardly spoken more than three words to him before I had asked him. He said yes and told me that he had had his eye on me since our sophomore year. So now, we're practically inseparable now. Actually when I thought about it later, I wouldn't be in this predicament right now, if only I had let him drive me home from Skyler's party.

I continued my walk home until I got to my driveway. I stopped surprised at what was in front of me. It looked like the entire Baker family and LaFay family was at my house. They rarely came over except for holidays, and only then begrudgingly. There was my Uncle Jack's truck, my Aunt Emma's station wagon, my Aunt Eliza's Hummer, my Grandparents on the Baker side Cadillac, and of course my Grandma LaFay's hearse. (My grandmother LaFay is rather odd, and it's more than her choice of car.)

'Did someone die?' I asked myself. I couldn't think about why else they would all be over at my house. My thoughts went instantly to my dad. Even though he was a rather fit man, he was big and there is a heart problem on his side of the family. Thinking the worst I ran up the entire 2640 ft to the front door. Strangely, I wasn't winded and I seemed to move a bit faster than I usually did, but I brushed away the fact and went inside.

Inside, I found people sitting around looking sad. I didn't see my dad anywhere, so I searched the mourning people until I found my mom. Both my grandmothers were sitting by her, giving her comfort and she was leaning against my grandmother LaFay, her mother. She was sobbing something that sounded like a bunch of random syllables.

"Mom. Mom, what's the matter? Where's Dad?"

She didn't look up, so I turned to my grandmother Baker, Loranne. "Where's Dad, Grandma?"

She didn't answer me and I started to feel freaked out. She was ignoring me just like Dave had. What was going on? I turned to all the other people in the room, but none of them looked at me, but it wasn't like they were ignoring me. It was more like they didn't know I was there. I leaned closer to my mom and I started screaming when I realized what she was sobbing and blubbering about. My dad walked into the room and I could see tears running down his weathered face.

It wasn't my dad that was dead, it was me.