Victoria's Poem

I haven't known you long.

It's only been a year.

Up until then, you were just another peer.

I met you on the trip.

Our vacation from it all.

But even then, I'd still ignore you in the hall.

We met again this year,

With Sarah as our link.

It seems like it was then that our minds began to sync.

You pulled at my mask,

And got me a date.

I think back on it now, it had to be fate.

Then we grew apart

For several months I was alone.

I would have opened up to you sooner, if only I had known.

Then you asked me how I felt,

And for some reason, I told you.

The me of several years ago would have been untrue.

But I took off my mask

And saw the sun you shine

And I broke down the wall and let you cross the line.

I confessed to everything,

Told you about my life,

Projected all my worries, pain, and strife.

And you accepted me

You gave me a bog old hug

You said you'd be a friend to me and stopped me from pulling the plug.

Now you and I are close

The best it's even been

I know I'll never feel that kind of pain again.

You woke me up and pinched me

Showed me it's not a dream

And I'm not worried now; I know you're on my team.