Left everything i had,

the good and the bad,

The ones that made me sad,

but also the one who kept me happy.

I'm way to sappy,

probably overreacting,

having to remind myself

that i will see them all again

and i'll grin.

Cause i would have completed

my mission, no ammunition.

I'd have been able to let it all go,

hell if i have to,

i'll put on a show.

I'm forcing myself to get better,

I won't tether.

Growing up demands some factors, i'll hack.

Find what i need then i'll go back,

only when i feel ready,

only when i'm certain i'm steady,

only when i've dealt with all of my problems,

and solved them.

I'm ready to face all the ones i love,

with no shame of what i've become,

i'll be past it.

this is a part of growing,

that i know i need to do,

but it really hurts me so much,

that you hardly even bid me adieu,

I wonder if in four whole months anything will change?

Will they all look at me the same.

Lord I hope,

let me back in their hearts.

Let something start,

and you.

I wish you the best with this


that is about to begin,

God help you sir,

I'll pray,

There will be a day,

when i can make you happy.

Talking about this just makes me feel,

crappy. I wish you the best,

no matter your mess.

i love you.