I close my eyes and rub my temples as the surges of noise from the rowdy class hammer out my patience, large welts of frustration bubbling moodily to the surface. I want to sleep- bury myself in noiseless black, become numb to the world around me. A paper airplane sails through the air, floating on laughter and dirty words.

I fold my arms and lay my head down, willing the bell to please, please, please just ring already. I'm suddenly torn by the choice of either resurfacing to check the time, or lying low, keeping the target on my back concealed.

The room suddenly grows quiet at the clip- clopping sound of high heels on waxed linoleum.

The footsteps come closer, and closer- a strict metronome that reverberates policies and rules. Interested, I raise my head a few inches- exploring this fascinating change in the atmosphere. The paper airplane falls out of the air, sliding across the dirty floor. The classroom is so tense, the air almost freezes. The footsteps approach our door… walk right by it… and the sounds become faint.

At the sound of a door opening and closing, the class lets out a sigh of relief, smiling, and laughing until the mumbled crescendo commences once more. I sighed to myself as I lower my head and close my eyes, waiting for sleep to wash me away. A moment or so later, a lone thought wandered into my cloudy mind.

Darn… I forgot to check the ti-


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