Of Proud Spirits and Losses at Night

"When Lilianna Calhoun is arranged to marry William Hurst, she is outraged. Forced to leave behind her native England and return with William, an American, to the USA on the doomed Titanic, will their pride keep them apart when they need each other most?"

Author's Note:: Hey guys! So it's been almost two years since I first put this story up and I was really feeling inspired to work on it again. I have several people reading the chapters before I post them, but there still might be some mistakes so let me know if you see any! Some things have changed, for those of you who read the first draft; it's longer, there are some plot changes but nothing too major and you get to know the characters a whole heck of a lot better. I'll be posting updates weekly.

I hope you all enjoy! Please review/comment; it makes posting chapters so much more fun when I get to read what you all have to say!